Mum “Top Tips”!

Top Tip 1: Duolingo

Top Tip 2: Mini frozen croissants and pan au chocolate

Top Tip 3: Swimming Bags

Top Tip 4: LeapReader

Top Tip 5: Bravissimo

Top Tip 6: Baker Ross

Top Tip 7: Epsom Salts and a Detox Bath

Top Tip 8: Slow Cooker Roast Chicken

Top Tip 9: Emergency Meals

Top Tip 10: Hiring a Breast Pump

Top Tip 11: Water wet wipes

Top Tip 12: Weaning Food (Frozen Fruit in Porridge)

Top Tip 13: Parent parking at the hospital

Top Tip 14: YHA Holidays

Top Tip 15: Khan Academy

Top Tip 16: Oxo Tot Ice cube trays for weaning

Top Tip 17: Baby towels with hoods, from IKEA

Top Tip 18: Massages at home

Top Tip 19: Super Healthy Kids Blog

Top Tip 20: Your Changing Bag

Top Tip 21: Clarks Shoe Fitting Service – Online Appointment Booking!

Top tip 22: Sainsburys Tu 25% discount

Top Tip 23: My Weekly Status Report

Top tip 24: Six weeks before Christmas!

Top Tip 25: Toy discounts for Xmas FB Page

Top Tip 26: “Slow cooker wonders” group on facebook

Top Tip 27: Playmobil spare parts

Top Tip 28: 52 Slow Cooker recipes to get you started…

Top Tip 29: Toddler and Pre-School Meltdowns

Top Tip 30: Reviews and Age Ratings of Movies, Games, TV, Apps, Books, Music…

Top Tip 31: Batch Cooking: Home Made Cottage pie

Top Tip 32: Potty Training “Challenges”

Top Tip 33: Creamy coconut and berry Lolly’s

Top Tip 34: Slow Cooker Lasagna

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