Review 2018: Hart House Gastropub & Coffee Shop

Thank you very much to Hayley, one of the NHM Secret Reviewers, who has done a fab job!!

Hart House Gastropub & Coffee Shop, Fleet


Hart House

Address:              335-337 Fleet Road, Fleet, GU51 3NT

Tel:                       01252 377733

We were lucky enough to get the chance to review the new Hart House Gastropub & Coffee Shop in Fleet.

Set in the old Ask restaurant (after an extensive and classy makeover) the pub sells itself on being a ‘pub for everyone’ so being a vegan with a coeliac/dairy -free daughter they were going to be tested!

Dining area


Hart House offers:

Pub/restaurant –  open from 9am for breakfast daily. They have several menus, including Breakfast, Children’s, Main (which includes sandwiches, burgers and steaks), Vegan and Sunday Roasts.

Coffee shop – Open from 8am to 5.30pm daily, although we didn’t try this, the cakes they had on the counter looked delicious!

Private Events Space, complete with own bar, sound system and TV screen which is available for private hire.

There is also a patio garden and dogs are welcome in the bar area.

Unfortunately, there is no parking at the pub itself, but being so central there are plenty of car parks nearby.


This was what we really wanted to test!

Having looked at the menu before we went we were really pleased to see that they could cater for all of us. Their menu is very clearly laid out with most dishes being gluten-free already and many adaptable, they also state whether the item is dairy-free or contains nuts.

This is such a big thing for us, more often than not we are presented with a folder of dietary information to sort through before we can order. They also have a separate vegan menu complete with starters and desserts!

We all had starter, main and dessert. My husband had the Black Pudding Scotch Egg to start and has been raving about it since, I can fully recommend the vegan Sweet & Sour Butternut main dish (AMAZING!) and my daughter ate all of, and thoroughly enjoyed, the Chocolate & Pistachio Brownie with Banana Ice Cream which I had intended to share with her!

Having had so many difficult experiences while out for dinner with our daughter it was so refreshing to just enjoy a meal.

Black Pudding Scotch Eggs
Sweet Potato Falalfel

The Tzatziki was so good for this that I made them double check it was vegan, it was and was made fresh!

Lamb steak of the day
Sweet & Sour Butternut Curry
Children’s Meatballs

My daughter had hers with chips rather than pasta.

Chocolate Pistachio Brownie with banana ice cream

We also sampled the vegan panacotta which was very good, and my husband had the sticky toffee pudding – although that didn’t hang around long enough to take a photo!


Hart House has an extensive drinks menu, including cocktails and also holds a half-price prosecco event every Friday from 5pm.

The Bar


At the restaurant the staff were attentive, well versed in the menus and any questions we had were answered quickly, the chef also came out to go through the gluten-free/dairy-free options for our daughter so we’d have no worries.

We did wonder if we were just getting great treatment due to us writing a review, but it became clear throughout our visit that the staff were equally attentive to all the customers.


When we visited there were several other families there with small children, the atmosphere is nice and relaxed, and I think next time we may brave it with our three-year-old as well.

There are baby-changing facilities in the downstairs disabled toilet, and the spaces between tables is big enough to get a pushchair through easily.

Score out of 5

5 out of 5! We really couldn’t fault them at all, we had a very enjoyable visit.

The food was fantastic, the staff are really clued up on specific dietary requirements, the atmosphere is good and it’s great value for money.

If you’re in the area and looking for somewhere to eat, I’d recommend you give them a try. We weren’t disappointed.

We’ll definitely be visiting again soon, I’m keen to try out their Sunday Roast menu (and maybe take a look at the cakes again!)

The cake counter

Disclaimer: This post is a review of Hart House in Fleet. Hayley’s family meal was supplied free of charge for the purposes of the review. Hayley was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are her own.

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NHM Readers recommend pottery painting with children

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook where can you do pottery painting with children in the local area. (Thank you very much to everyone who responded and to Shona for putting this post together!!)

This is what they came back with, in no particular order!

NHM Readers Recommend Pottery Painting Venues to take children

The Ceramics Cafe  

Unit 2, Coronation Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4HA

Only open on Saturdays between 10am and 5.30pm


Units 9&10, Viables Craft Centre, The Harrow Way, Basingstoke, RG22 4BJ

Open Tuesday to Saturday between 10.30am and 5.30pm

Pots to Doodle Do

The Old Village Shop, Church Lane, Cliddesden, Basingstoke, RG25 2JQ

Open during term time Thursday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. During school holidays, open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

Just Ceramics

Unit 3, The Old Stables, Oakhanger Farm Business Park, Oakhanger, GU35 9JA

Open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday’s 11am – 4pm.


2 Stewart Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8NF

Playdays offer pottery parties and also regularly do pottery painting and play sessions for occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day etc.

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Everything parenthood

Hello 🙂

My name is Sarah Carris and I am a qualified N.N.E.B Nursery Nurse with over 30 years in the childcare industry. I currently am employed as a Nursery Nurse within a Health Visiting Team working for the NHS.

I have extensive knowledge and skills in advising parents on all aspects of parenting. My expertise lies in offering advice and support with issues around settling & sleeping, fussy eating and behaviour management in children under the age of 5 years of age. I am a Mum to three boys of my own.

 Qualified in:

  • Paediatric resuscitation,
  • Safeguarding children
  • Behaviour Management
  • Hold a Current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)certificate

My Services:

  • Individual 1:1 appointments
  • Group sessions
  • Overnight stays
  • Telephone consultations
  • Babysitting
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Date Night: At the Planetarium

I’m not sure when I found out that Winchester Planetarium does Adult Only shows (not as dodgy as it sounds :-D) but I’ve been itching for Mr NHM and I to go on one for Date Night for at least a year.

In July 2015 we finally got to go for our regular Date Night and it was AWESOME!!!!!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was a REALLY interesting experience.

Mr NHM and I held hands all the way through but I also learnt LOADS of things about the universe that I really should know!

When we went the show started at 7pm. We rocked up and waited in the lobby with everyone else.

There were refreshments in the lobby if you weren’t organised enough to take them with you, which I thought was a great idea.

You could go into the planetarium 15 minutes before the show so we went in and got some great seats, in the middle of the planetarium.

I hadn’t realised that it’s actually a “live” show, so someone talks you through everything you are seeing. We were shown which stars to look out for in the night sky for this time of year, which was really cool.

We then, literally, had a tour of the universe. Breathtaking and mindblowing are the two words that come to mind.

It was absolutely fascinating and made me realise just how small and insignificant we are. I also came to realise how much we still don’t know about our universe and how the experts are discovering new things about the universe EVERY DAY!

When we went in July 2015 we were four days away from the New Horizonsinterplanetary space probe achieving it’s mission of taking pictures of Pluto. It is the first spacecraft to explore the dwarf planet. Yup, this thing has been on it’s mission to Pluto for NINE YEARS and this was the first time we would get clear pictures of Pluto. I was gobsmacked at this.

At the end of the show you can ask questions and I asked a question about how is it possible in all of those kids planet sets you can buy, that Pluto is a certain colour, (yes, sometimes I’m not the brightest, but I thought it was a great question!)  if we have never actually taken a picture of it and we don’t actually know, why is it always depicted as it is?

I was told that it was based on all of the information that we knew about Pluto including it’s gases, etc. But these were the first ever close up pictures of Pluto and we got to see them in the Planetarium when they were only a few hours old!?!??!?!!? This totally blew my mind.

I enjoyed this far more than the cinema because we talked about it ALL the way home.

It was a great bonding experience for Mr NHM and I and we are really looking forward to going again.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit different to do on Date Night, this comes HIGHLY recommended 😀.

Oh and they also do a regular Singles Night which includes curry!??!?! What a cool way to meet your future partner 😀.

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Naomi’s Babysitting Service


I offer a service to your family, I can babysit in your home, while you can go out and have quality time has a couple.

I am Dbs check with references. I also do a meet and greet also at your home.

Please contact me for anymore information.

Naomi or

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Babysitting in Basingstoke

Stephanie added a great comment to my recent Monday Night Date Nights post, asking if I had any suggestions about babysitting options.

I’ve had a draft post about babysitting for over 2.5 years! I just had no idea where to start. So I thought I better get on and get this post published!

I put out a plea on NHM on FB asking for suggestions. There are a LOT of people who are looking for babysitters or who would like to be in a babysitting circle.

So, in an attempt to help people, I’ve created a FB Group for Babysitting in Basingstoke:

This is for parents and for qualified babysitters to make contact.

It is also a place where people can put up their comments about wanting to be in a babysitting circle.

I have no idea if this will work but at least it’s a start.

Please add anyone else to the group who you think would be interested. There is such a demand for babysitting in the area, that I can’t believe someone hasn’t jumped on this business opportunity already!!

For those who are interested in creating a babysitting circle, why not organise a family catch up so that groups of families meet so you know whether you feel comfortable leaving your child with other people.

Don’t forget there is the NHM Summer Picnic coming up on the 2nd of July, which could be a great opportunity to meet like minded NHM Readers.

Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: I would also like to add a disclaimer that I take no responsibility at all for via this Babysitting FB Group. I’m just putting people in touch with other people. It’s your responsibility to vet people, etc.

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Monday Night Date Nights

I’ve mentioned before about how Mr NHM works shifts. However, we always try to schedule a Date Night at least twice a month. It doesn’t always happen to be twice a month, but that’s the plan!

As Mr NHM works strange hours, we often end up having our Date Nights on days in the week. I’ve noticed that Monday’s are a great night for Date Night’s because you get a discount at a number of places:

Odeon Cinema: 25% off

Little Frankie’s – 25% off your food bill 5pm to 10pm (Excludes bank holidays). We went on a Monday just for pudding and milk shakes and it came to less than a tenner. However, my waistline is feeling a bit tight again! lol.

Yo Sushi: Blue Monday’s – Many dishes reduced to £2.50. The nearest Yo Sushi to Basingstoke is in House of Frazer in Reading.

Do you know of any other places that do reductions because it’s a Monday?

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NHM posts for “Non” parents

This post is for my lovely friend Mark who keeps me sane at work, and for all those people who live in, or near, Basingstoke who DON’T have children. (I like to be inclusive at NHM :-D)

NHM Posts that are relevant for Non-parents

Date Nights/Afternoons

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Eating Out

8 “Cheap” Restaurants in Basingstoke (Meal for 2 for under £15)

Cheap Places to go for Dinner in Basingstoke

Reasonably Priced Afternoon Tea’s

Luxury Afternoon Tea in and around Basingstoke

Walks, Picnics and Places to Go

Walks in Basingstoke

Local Parks and Open Spaces

Great Picnic spots in Basingstoke

Great Picnic Spots near Basingstoke

My list of places to visit in 2014

Pick Your Own Farm’s in North Hampshire and Berkshire


It’s slow cooker season, Yay!

A day of freezer cooking

Online Food Shopping

Meal Planning

I love my Slow Cooker!!!


Farm Shops

The perfect capsule wardrobe

Local Photographers

Yurt Camping!

Dance Schools in North Hampshire

Season Tickets to local attractions in North Hampshire

Outdoor BBQ facilities in the area

15 Different Experiences for Children (they don’t have to be just for children! lol)

Lido’s in Hampshire

Cheap Transport in North Hampshire

Mobile Beauty Therapists in North Hampshire

Quidco – an easy way to make savings

Guest Posts

Hope and Rainbows


Toxic Brew

NorthDown Orchards Deliveries

Lush Basingtoke

Laura Lu

Attitude for Change Hypnotherapy

Wendy French Reflexology

Phoenix Trading Cards

 Fitness with Becky Lane

Book your free electric vehicle advice clinic

Cakes/Cupcakes (North Hampshire/Reading)

Non Cake (North Hampshire/Reading)

First Aid Angels in Basingstoke

“1,000,000,000 sit ups – The end of an era!”


Date Afternoon Ideas in Winter

In the run up to Christmas you might not have time to have Date Nights, but you may be able to squeeze in a “Date Afternoon”. We are planning to have one in between Christmas and New Year, when Miss NHM is  in nursery.

I feel dreadfully guilty about it, but she loves nursery and Mr NHM and I get to spend some quality time together remembering what it’s like to just be the two of us!

I posted up about Date Night Ideas a few months ago and you can read my suggestions HERE. In the same manner, Date “Afternoons” are also a big deal in our house.

On our Wedding Anniversary we both took half a day off from work,  left our little one in nursery, and went to lunch and then an afternoon cinema showing. It’s cheaper all round, much emptier and you often have the cinema to yourself (assuming it’s not school holidays! lol).

Mr NHM recently sorted us out a Gourmet Society card. I think it cost us £20 a year, but we made the money back within the first couple of times of using it.

We often go out for lunch as Mr NHM works strange shift hours. Sometimes, the only time we can sit down together in a week  is over lunch. Some of our favourites:

  • Spruce Goose (love the value of the daytime menu)
  • The Portsmouth Arms
  • Nando’s (his choice)
  • Wagamama’s (my choice)
  • Cafe Rouge (Date Breakfast!)

As already mentioned we also go to the cinema on the odd occasion during the day and we plan to go bowling one day as it’s also cheaper during the day.

Although this isn’t so approriate for the weather at the moment, we love a good picnic. One of the best “Date’s” we ever went on was a picnic in February. There was snow on the ground but we had an awesome afternoon.

Do you have any suggestions for other Afternoon Dates?

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Date Night Ideas for Autumn

Do you have Date Nights with your partner?

We started going on Date Nights about a year ago. My little one was old enough to be babysat by a grandparent or trusted babysitter, so we thought we ought to make some specific time to spend together. Otherwise, the evenings just tended to roll into one another.

Date Nights have become even more important now my husband works shifts, as our evenings together are even more limited.

Date Night/Afternoon is a big thing in our house. I really look forward to Date Nights. It’s fun to plan what we are going to do and how we are going to spend this precious time together, out of the house, just the two of us, not as parents or as employee’s, but as a couple.

I’m putting together a list of Date Afternoon ideas too, so look out for that over the next few weeks.

If you always go out to dinner together – this list is a little bit more than that…

Some Date Night Ideas

Go Ice Skating

Party Night at Planet Ice, Leisure Park

Yes, this is pitched at people half my age and younger, but we went recently and had such a giggle.

Be warned that Planet Ice have changed the hire skates ice hockey skates, so I’m not as good as I used to be! Plus, after half an hour, we were toast! lol.

We did have a lot of fun though.

Go to a dancing session

There are lots and lots of dance classes for adults. These are just a selection of some I’ve found or been too over the years:

Jive Dancing Clubs – Basingstoke

Salsa – Basingstoke

Ballroom and Latin American – Basingstoke and Camberley

Go to an Ice Hockey match

Basingstoke Bison have an ice hockey match nearly every weekend at Planet Ice, in the Leisure Park. For more details, click HERE.

Go on an Owl Walk

The Hawk Conservancy is doing some “Owl by Moonlight” Walk in the evening times. For more details click HERE.

This looks really romantic and I’m hoping Mr NHM reads this post and takes the hint! :-D.

Go for a Spa evening

This doesn’t have to be just for girlies! lol

Below are just a few of the local Spa’s. I’m hoping to do a post on local Spa’s very soon…

Nirvana Spa – Wokingham

Hampshire Centre court Hotel – Basingstoke

Donnington Valley Spa – Newbury (I went here recently and it was FAB! Totally recommend the Afternoon tea package)

Go to a Roller Disco!

There is a Roller Disco in Newbury every Saturday evening at Northcroft Leisure Centre.

I’m itching to go to one of these events. We have some friends who go nearly every weekend to the Roller Disco. I remember fondly, the Roller Disco that used to be at the Sports Centre in town. Again, I realise I’m showing my age! lol :-D.

Go to the Planetarium

Intech Science Centre in Winchester hosts “Adults only” evenings.

What could be more romantic than watching the stars together :-D.

Go Sky Diving

I couldn’t really not mention the new Sky Diving facilities in the Leisure Park. This looks AWESOME and I’m hoping that I’m not too much of a woos to try it out! lol.

I hope some of these suggestions give you some inspiration. If you have any other ideas, please let me know as I’m always looking for something a bit different to do on our nights out together. Thanks!

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