Reader Endorsements

These are the winning endorsements that NHM received as part of the “Mums and Business” awards in June 2014.

Thank you very much to everyone who voted for NHM and for your lovely words!

Winning Endorsements

“The NorthHantsMum blog has played a massive role in my life since having my little girl back in 2011. I have used it to plan days out, get ideas for rainy days activities and even used it to find life-hacks without which my life would be so much harder to deal with. The on-line community has also been a massive help giving ideas and advice on all aspects of brining up children from bedtime routines and food ideas to local retail bargains and other money saving tips.”

“NorthHantsMum has also started doing meet-ups which have been a really positive experience – meeting other mums who are dealing with the same family, work and relationship issues.”

“Louise is very kind and often promotes local businesses for free giving them a chance to be seen and grow. She is very professional, and has a great writing style for her blogs. A lovely lady and well deserves to win this award!”

“A great and reliable source of information that all local mums should subscribe to!”

“I discovered NHM after the birth of my first child a year ago. The blog posts are the perfect way to find out what is going on week by week and to find reviews of places to visit. Louise also shares her technological discoveries and discuses how she set up the site, thus helping other SAHM to keep up with technology and perhaps start their own blog.”

“A lifesaver when staying at home to parent a young child!”

“NorthHantsMum is a fantastic source of information for mums – I don’t know what I would do without it.”

“Louise is a lovely women that I met through NCT classes when we were pregnant with our little ones. She’s a great friend with such a variety of knowledge of baby/child topics with a very balanced opinion. I respect her greatly for being organised enough and selfless to dedicate precious time to North Hants Mum in order help other mums and mums to be through motherhood. It’s not easy and every little help and guidance makes all the difference. The different methods of communication she shares her posts with means nothing is intrusive and you can use the blog as much or little as you like. Louise and NorthHantsMum would be well deserved winners. :-)”

“NorthHantsMum is a really informative and fantastic business. It has been a constant source of reference and has really helped me over the last 3 years having young children. I am never stuck for ideas or things to do with the children and has it really helped me interact with those in a similar situation. I don’t know what I would do without it!”

Feedback on recent posts

Recent reader feedback on Why I write NHM in 2014:

  • “Fantastic! Loved your post! and thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. What a lovely human being x”
  • “Totally agree! Thank you so much for all of your time and advice that you give all the mums (& Dads) My husband also works shifts and so I like you spend alot of time with just my daughter & agree with everything you said about friends. I will try to make a networking meet soon. Thank you again x”
  • “What a fab post Louise. I can relate to a lot of what you say! I love what you’ve done with NHM and you’ve been amazingly supportive with all of the bits I’m involved in and I really appreciate it. I love the networking meetings as one thing I do miss is the buzz of the office and having those adult conversations and like you I wouldn’t change what I have for the world so it’s like having that support network to bounce ideas around etc that will make a huge difference to me going forward so I shall definitely be making every attempt to come along to all of them! Thanks again x”
  • “This is just such a lovely post. I admired you before but even more so now, way to go NHM you are a positive shining example to us all xx”
  • “I absolutely love NHM – it has kept me sane during the last 18 months and your reviews have inspired me and my family to visit some places locally that I would never have know about! Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into writing!”

Thank you to everyone who has left a comment on NHM.

I read this feedback and the winning endorsements when I’m having a crap day and it makes me feels miles better!  lol :-D.

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