August 2018’s “NHM Inspirational Mum”: Aliceja Fisher

I stopped doing the “Inspirational Mum” programme because it felt like I was the one who was deciding who was inspirational and who wasn’t and that’s definitely not my decision to make.

But it looks like the universe is deciding for me on this one after my original “Inspirational Mum” post was automatically re-published on “NorthHantsMum FB Page” a few days ago and I realised that I’m just the “facilitator” for this.

YOU are the ones who nominate a Mum for this, I just have the AWESOME job of passing on the message :-D.

So, I think I’m going to try this one again. I will put out a request each month for nominations and whomever gets the most nominations will “win” for that month. Let’s see how this goes…

August 2018’s NorthHantsMum’s Inspirational Mum, with by far the most email nominations is: Aliceja Fisher!

Congratulations Aliceja! I know we’ve never met but it’s clear that you are an awesome Mum and person based on the number of emails that I received for your nomination!!

As Helen says below, make sure you print the comments out and use them to boost you on those wobbly days 😉 :-D.

Inspiration Mum Nomination 1

Helen: My nomination is Aliceja Fisher

Things changes a lot for her in the last 12 months and the game got a lot harder. She’s embraced it, fought the challenge, become stronger, more empowered and while she has wobbles of self doubt, which she really shouldn’t, she is a wonderful mum to her daughter.
She’s also a huge supporter of community projects, involved with social events for Mums to help their mental health and stop Mums feeling alone. She’s always seen to be pointing mums in the right direction of classes and support. My message to Aliceja would be, always believe in yourself and when this is published and you’re recognised as a Inspirational Mum, print it, keep it and use all the lovely comments to boost you on those wobbly days.

Inspiration Mum Nomination 2

Holly: I’ve seen your FB post and I’d like to nominate Aliceja Fisher as my local mum.

I’ve known Alice a number for years, we went to senior school together, she’s has always put others before herself, she has always be so kind and loved by all even through many trying times.

She truly is a wonderful person and now she’s a wonderful mother. She made my journey in to motherhood so much easier just by being there, our babies are a couple of months apart and they’ve brought her back in to my life and I’m so grateful to have her in it! I love you lots Aliceja!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 3

Lisa Marie: I would love to nominate my friend Aliceja Fisher.

Around a year ago her world was rocked and kind of crashed around her, she could have given up completely. However, she embraced the huge changes happening and became even stronger than she ever was.

As us mums do, she has days where she doubts everything she’s doing, but she’s the most amazing Mum and the best friend anyone could ask for! She helps everyone without any hesitation and she deserves to be recognised for everything she does!

She’s beautiful inside and out and such an inspiration! Aliceja, be proud of everything you’ve achieved!!! We love you loads!Xxx

Inspiration Mum Nomination 4

Jen: I would like to celebrate a local amazing Mum, Aliceja Fisher from Basingstoke. I met her at a Mummy social event which she organised, she has been through a lot this past year and becoming a new mum herself I think has bought out the best in her! She is an amazing inspiration to all Mums and personally has become a very close friend who supports me and everyone around her without even batting an eyelid.

She is an awesome person and one of the most hard working Mums I know always putting others before herself!

This would mean the world to her even though she would be completely overwhelmed and feel like she didn’t deserve it! She really does!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 5

Joanna: I’d like to jump on the bandwagon and nominate Aliceja Fisher as an inspirational Mum. I met her last summer when she set up regular coffee meet-ups using the Mummy Social App. I was a few months into maternity leave and these socials gave me the impetus and confidence to get out of the house with a young baby and meet new friends.

Aliceja has had a tough year but has remained a good friend as well as being active in community events.

Aliceja deserves recognition for her support to new mums and general awesomeness!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 6

Louisa: My nomination is Aliceja Fisher.

Aliceja and I have babies the same age, and without her creating social events when they were small I wouldn’t have a the great friend group I have now.

She always goes out of her way to help everyone and quite often forgets about herself in the process.

She is genuinely one of the most selfless people I have ever met and I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this nomination.

A true awesome mummy!!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 7

Jenna: I’d like to nominate Aliceja Fisher!

I don’t even know where to begin with reasons as to why she’s awesome! She walked ( quite literally- at the HV walk) into my life last year as we were finding our feet as first time mums! She introduced me to other mums who now I call my closest friends! She keeps getting curve balls thrown at her but she gets back up and continues on! She is a credit to our mummy group and she needs to know that we are with her ever step of the way!!! She is the most kind person I know and deserves this!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 8

Gayle: Nominate Aliceja Fisher

Aliceja has been a great friend since we both became mums. She makes time to make sure we are ok regardless of what is going on in her own life. She keeps in contact with a large circle of friends and the list gets bigger and bigger as she picks up more and involves more as she goes.

She is truly an inspiration, being a single fantastic mum and now working full time, being open and honest to all she meets making sure no one feels alone, and sharing her feelings on Instagram/ Facebook – she says what we are all feeling.

Inspiration Mum Nomination 9

Odette: My nomination is for Aliceja Fisher, she is an amazing mum and friend! She is my sister in law and she is always willing to listen to everyone and try to help despite whatever happens in her life.

She is always willing to help, everyone specially new mums; giving them right advice or putting them in the right direction.

She also gets involved in social events to support new mums, helping them to meet new people. Always with a smile

She has a golden heart.

Thank you very much to everyone who nominated a Mum for this month’s “NHM Inspirational Mum”!

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NHM Inspirational Mum (Nov 2017): Jaz McCarthy

CONGRATULATIONS Jaz McCarthy at Caterpillar Music Basingstoke!!!

Thank you very much to everyone who nominated someone for this month’s “NHM Inspirational Mum!

A massive THANK YOU also to all of the lovely Mum Business Owners who have donated a prize that Jaz can choose from!!!

Well done Jaz and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

If you would like to nominate someone for December’s award, please email me at by the 5th of December and include a couple of paragraphs as to why you are nominating this Mum. I will then let everyone know who will be the “Inspirational Mum” for December and people can email further comments before the announcement is officially made in the middle of December.

NHM Inspirational Mum (Nov 2017): Jaz McCarthy

Jaz McCarthy who runs Caterpillar Music Basingstoke

Inspiration Mum Nomination 1

Christine: I’d happily nominate Jaz McCarthy of Caterpillar music. She’s a brilliant Mum, kind and fun! Her three kids are just like her, lovely and cheeky. She’s a brilliant friend, always cheery and willing to help anyone. She went out of her way to get to know me when I was new to the area. She’s also an incredible business woman. She’s a really hard worker and her entrepreneurial spirit is definitely to be admired. Her limitless energy and ideas and enthusiasm are really inspiring. My children LOVE her class and it’s not easy to keep them entertained. Caterpillar music has been one of my favourite classes for years now

Inspiration Mum Nomination 2

Libby: I have attended jaz’s class with all my 5 children for years and she truly is wonderful, enthusiastic, friendly, reliable, unique and a deserving winner! She is so brilliant and trains her staff to be exactly the same! xxx

Inspiration Mum Nomination 3

Claire: Jaz is amazing !!!…..How she is so enthusiastic so early in the morning, remembers everyone’s names and is super creative I will never know.
Thank you for also acknowledging children with additional needs and putting things in place for them. Even if it’s just extra time with cuddles. Thoughtful and caring.
What a super mum – Thank you !!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 4

Nicky: I work for Jaz at caterpillar music, prior to that I took my little girls to her music classes. She is a great person to work for, caring, fun & creative & so energetic. She always has a smile even when she’s had to deal with some family health issues
I think she’s inspirational having built up a fantastically successful business whilst young with 3 little ones, & made it look easy when I know it is far from it.

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NHM Inspirational Mum (Oct 2017): Helen Hill

Thank you very much to everyone who nominated someone for this month’s “NHM Inspirational Mum”!!!

I wish that I had a physical prize that I could give to Helen for her award this month, but instead she’s just going to have to enjoy the kudos of being one of the first Inspirational Mum’s on NorthHantsMum.

Well done Helen and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

If you would like to nominate someone for November’s award, please email me at before the end of October and include a couple of paragraphs as to why you are nominating this Mum. I will then let everyone know who will be the “Inspirational Mum” for November and people can email further comments before the announcement is officially made in the middle of November.

NHM Inspirational Mum (Oct 2017): Helen Hill

Helen Hill who runs Buggyfit: Basingstoke & Tadley

Inspiration Mum Nomination 1

Emma: I wanted to add another nomination for Helen as an inspirational mum for all her work with BuggyFit and Running Mummies.

I joined BuggyFit at the end of March this year when my baby boy Harrison was 5 months old. Helen was the only person I’d met post-baby to know so much about the physical damage and recovery after having a baby, and all the things I was doing wrong which was making things worse!

She was so supportive and factual about what I needed to do to exercise and recover safely, and not just physically but emotional support too. She then got me into her running group of mummies and helped offer free running sessions together with other new friends. This weekend she helped encourage other mums to go along to Park Run too

She’s an inspiration because of the amount of positive physical and mental support she offers us mums out of her own free time, whilst also balancing her own family

Inspiration Mum Nomination 2

Sarah: Helen is a really inspirational Mum. Her Buggyfit classes are super fun and geared towards getting your body back slowly and safely after birth. The exercises are all safe and scaled to your fitness level and the time after birth. She is a patient and kind teacher who always takes the time to correct my lack of coordination!

At classes Helen always finds a way to include any toddlers – she lets my 3 year old daughter join in the exercises or play with the bands, balls and cones. This really helps when you are stressed with two little ones.
More than just running the classes Helen has made Buggyfit a group with a social aspect to help us Mums have a chat and get advice and perspectives from other Mums. There are coffee stops after classes, charity walks and a really chatty WhatsApp group. She has built up a true network for local Mums……and I am really grateful for the support.
She is an inspirational Mum…..Thank you Helen.

Inspiration Mum Nomination 3

Maria: Helen Hill is definitely an inspiring mum! I first met Helen about 6 Months ago at my first Buggyfit class. As soon I arrived she made me feel welcome and her wealth of knowledge of post natal care/exercise/pelvic floor is impressive and reassuring that you know you are in good hands.

I love Helen’s classes from Buggyfit with the babies and the evening classes for just the mums.

Helen will bring her son along to some of the Buggyfit classes, he’s a lovely little boy, well loved and cheers us ladies on. And the odd occasion when her little boy is not so happy it’s good to see Helen as a mum, so she understands and knows the struggles of motherhood. And additionally there is no awkwardness or embarrassment if your baby acts up in the Buggyfit class.

Helen is a lovely lady , fantastic instructor and a credit to the mother and baby world.

She is definitely an inspiring mum in my eyes

Inspiration Mum Nomination 4

Hannah: I was lucky enough to meet Helen when our boys started at nursery together. No matter what she always had a smile on her face. We got talking and eventually got dragged me out running and explained her motivation was the abuse that had been shouted at her when running on the streets so she decided to set up Basingstoke Running Mummies to encourage people to buddy up and get fit.

As well as running this she was working 5 days a week, looking after a toddler and a teenager. I was impressed how well she coped with everything when may of us moan about working and parenting. When she came up with the plan to start teaching buggyfit she added on her health and fitness modules on top of everything she had going on. When she took the leap in December/January

I was so impressed that she decided to launch buggyfit at potentially the worst time of year with many not wanting to brave the elements especially with a small child in toe however her enthusiasm and passion won over women and week by week the numbers grew. Helen was never too shy to impart her wisdom on the ladies and give details explanations as to why she was doing what she was doing and how the body needed to repair.

Helen was never about calorie burning and quick results but repairing your body. Her approach was something I had never seen before. Even with the classes growing and locations spreading she still wanted to learn more as she didn’t feel she knew enough. From January to now her passion for learning and healing the female body astounds me. She truly wants to “fix” everyone she can.

The bravery she has shown in expanding her skill set, starting up circuits and boxercise as well as more tailored sessions in small groups focusing on core repair is amazing. Sometimes I wish she talked a little less about pelvic floor but her support and teaching as given me a new confidence which I may not have had before. I am truly lucky to have such a good friend and trainer. She is one in a million ❤

Inspiration Mum Nomination 5

Fiona: I nominated Helen as a local inspiring Mum for a number of reasons. I met Helen via the Facebook page you created for local Mums and babies when I was expecting my second child. We met up in person at the NCT coffee and chat sessions on a Friday and from there created a little group of Mums who had babies of a similar age.

While I don’t know her back story completely, I do know that she had her first child at a young age and fostered a second girl for a long period of time who is now back with her family. When she returned to work she struggled with juggling the needs of Oscar who has battled repeated bouts of illness with work; and as a result she felt pushed out of her role due to conflicting commitments.

With the desire to loose weight after Oscar she had already started up her own running group on FB following the couch to 5km training and saw the need for a ‘normal’ body size fitness coach. She trained herself up to offer a service as a Buggyfit instructor and now has over 100 clients who she coaches and inspires to be the best they can be.

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Inspirational Mum’s: “The Boppypants and the pants that blew off”



I would like to tell you a bit about what me and another local mum have been up too.

Wendy and I have been working since November on creating a children’s story book based on a story Wendy wrote over a year ago.

We have made her dream words on paper turn into a fab (if I do say so myself) children’s book called “The Boppypants and the pants that blew off”.

On Thursday we received a order of 50 of our books and launched our website and Facebook page …. today we have sold out! And have a second delivery of 50 coming Friday!!

This story is the first in a series of books we are going to be writing with the second coming out end of march hopefully.

The website is and the Facebook page is

You will find images on both and a sneak reveal of the book on the website.


Illustrator of The Boppypants

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Inspirational Mum’s! Your Teething Baby: From one parent to another

IMG_8535 (3)

My name is Emma Reed and I am a married Mother of one. My son, Jake, arrived as a fantastic Christmas present on 25 December 2013 and is now a very active toddler, keeping me very fit and always on my toes! I was lucky enough to be able to give up work to become a stay at home Mum once Jake came along and I love getting the quality time to spend with him.

During his growth he suffered terribly with his teething and I struggled to find help, support and advice even after speaking to doctors and a dentist. I began to research this development myself and found I became quite an expert! A friend once said to me ‘you know so much, you should write a book!’ and from that the idea just grew and one sunny day last August I began to write and never stopped. I would write and research whilst my son napped and in the evening. I have learnt how to create the covers and layout, I have carried out all of the research, as well as sourcing the images and speaking to every company I have written about. It has been a labour of love to try and get all the information into one place for other parents to be able to refer to and to be able to help.

I have included all the information that I felt I would want to know about teething- I think it is an area that is very overlooked, but considering every person goes through it in their lives you would think we would know a lot more and that more help and advice would be offered.


The book includes sections on what teething is, the order teeth appear, the history of teething, the remedies currently on the market, old wives’ tales, remedies from around the world, symptoms and oral care. I have also included parents quotes to give a personal touch. I really hope it can help and reassure many future parents.

The book is available on Amazon as a paperback for £10.99.