NHM Inspirational Mum (Oct 2017): Helen Hill

Thank you very much to everyone who nominated someone for this month’s “NHM Inspirational Mum”!!!

I wish that I had a physical prize that I could give to Helen for her award this month, but instead she’s just going to have to enjoy the kudos of being one of the first Inspirational Mum’s on NorthHantsMum.

Well done Helen and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

If you would like to nominate someone for November’s award, please email me at NorthHantsMum@gmail.com before the end of October and include a couple of paragraphs as to why you are nominating this Mum. I will then let everyone know who will be the “Inspirational Mum” for November and people can email further comments before the announcement is officially made in the middle of November.

NHM Inspirational Mum (Oct 2017): Helen Hill

Helen Hill who runs Buggyfit: Basingstoke & Tadley

Inspiration Mum Nomination 1

Emma: I wanted to add another nomination for Helen as an inspirational mum for all her work with BuggyFit and Running Mummies.

I joined BuggyFit at the end of March this year when my baby boy Harrison was 5 months old. Helen was the only person I’d met post-baby to know so much about the physical damage and recovery after having a baby, and all the things I was doing wrong which was making things worse!

She was so supportive and factual about what I needed to do to exercise and recover safely, and not just physically but emotional support too. She then got me into her running group of mummies and helped offer free running sessions together with other new friends. This weekend she helped encourage other mums to go along to Park Run too

She’s an inspiration because of the amount of positive physical and mental support she offers us mums out of her own free time, whilst also balancing her own family

Inspiration Mum Nomination 2

Sarah: Helen is a really inspirational Mum. Her Buggyfit classes are super fun and geared towards getting your body back slowly and safely after birth. The exercises are all safe and scaled to your fitness level and the time after birth. She is a patient and kind teacher who always takes the time to correct my lack of coordination!

At classes Helen always finds a way to include any toddlers – she lets my 3 year old daughter join in the exercises or play with the bands, balls and cones. This really helps when you are stressed with two little ones.
More than just running the classes Helen has made Buggyfit a group with a social aspect to help us Mums have a chat and get advice and perspectives from other Mums. There are coffee stops after classes, charity walks and a really chatty WhatsApp group. She has built up a true network for local Mums……and I am really grateful for the support.
She is an inspirational Mum…..Thank you Helen.

Inspiration Mum Nomination 3

Maria: Helen Hill is definitely an inspiring mum! I first met Helen about 6 Months ago at my first Buggyfit class. As soon I arrived she made me feel welcome and her wealth of knowledge of post natal care/exercise/pelvic floor is impressive and reassuring that you know you are in good hands.

I love Helen’s classes from Buggyfit with the babies and the evening classes for just the mums.

Helen will bring her son along to some of the Buggyfit classes, he’s a lovely little boy, well loved and cheers us ladies on. And the odd occasion when her little boy is not so happy it’s good to see Helen as a mum, so she understands and knows the struggles of motherhood. And additionally there is no awkwardness or embarrassment if your baby acts up in the Buggyfit class.

Helen is a lovely lady , fantastic instructor and a credit to the mother and baby world.

She is definitely an inspiring mum in my eyes

Inspiration Mum Nomination 4

Hannah: I was lucky enough to meet Helen when our boys started at nursery together. No matter what she always had a smile on her face. We got talking and eventually got dragged me out running and explained her motivation was the abuse that had been shouted at her when running on the streets so she decided to set up Basingstoke Running Mummies to encourage people to buddy up and get fit.

As well as running this she was working 5 days a week, looking after a toddler and a teenager. I was impressed how well she coped with everything when may of us moan about working and parenting. When she came up with the plan to start teaching buggyfit she added on her health and fitness modules on top of everything she had going on. When she took the leap in December/January

I was so impressed that she decided to launch buggyfit at potentially the worst time of year with many not wanting to brave the elements especially with a small child in toe however her enthusiasm and passion won over women and week by week the numbers grew. Helen was never too shy to impart her wisdom on the ladies and give details explanations as to why she was doing what she was doing and how the body needed to repair.

Helen was never about calorie burning and quick results but repairing your body. Her approach was something I had never seen before. Even with the classes growing and locations spreading she still wanted to learn more as she didn’t feel she knew enough. From January to now her passion for learning and healing the female body astounds me. She truly wants to “fix” everyone she can.

The bravery she has shown in expanding her skill set, starting up circuits and boxercise as well as more tailored sessions in small groups focusing on core repair is amazing. Sometimes I wish she talked a little less about pelvic floor but her support and teaching as given me a new confidence which I may not have had before. I am truly lucky to have such a good friend and trainer. She is one in a million ❤

Inspiration Mum Nomination 5

Fiona: I nominated Helen as a local inspiring Mum for a number of reasons. I met Helen via the Facebook page you created for local Mums and babies when I was expecting my second child. We met up in person at the NCT coffee and chat sessions on a Friday and from there created a little group of Mums who had babies of a similar age.

While I don’t know her back story completely, I do know that she had her first child at a young age and fostered a second girl for a long period of time who is now back with her family. When she returned to work she struggled with juggling the needs of Oscar who has battled repeated bouts of illness with work; and as a result she felt pushed out of her role due to conflicting commitments.

With the desire to loose weight after Oscar she had already started up her own running group on FB following the couch to 5km training and saw the need for a ‘normal’ body size fitness coach. She trained herself up to offer a service as a Buggyfit instructor and now has over 100 clients who she coaches and inspires to be the best they can be.

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