NHM Readers recommend: Baby-Led Weaning Ideas

Thank you all for the replies we had regarding a question on baby-led weaning from a member of the NHM community: “I need some inspiration on baby led weaning foods for lunchtime and dinner time. I’ve done the cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, pasta but am wondering if anyone has any other suggestions?”

Thank you also to Juliet who put this post together!!

NHM readers recommend – Baby-Led Weaning Ideas

Kelly says “Eggs are good in different forms – scrambled, slices of omelette even egg muffins with different fillings. Pittas, Hummus, Avocado (messy!!!), Savoury rice, Soup!!!”

Natalie says “Banana egg pancakes – easy to do (2 ingredients) make up a batch and they’re good warm straight from the pan & my little one also likes them cold too so good for out & about”

Shona says “This Facebook page gave me so many awesome ideas outside of the normal ones… worth a look.” Weaning, starting solids/finger food- Friendly Support & Guidance

Catherine says “pasta is my fav with mascarpone cheese and some herbs as it’s salt free or sometimes I use an Ellas pouch for sauce. Avocado toast, grated courgette in pancake mix. Peas are great when they get their pincer grip. I also use a lot of preloaded spoons for rice or lentil dishes etc.”

Jennie says “We do a cooked chopped broccoli with breadcrumbs, cheese, chilli sauce and egg mixed together and baked in a Yorkshire pudding tray that goes down well”

Laura says “Mine loved peas and broccoli for weaning and still loves them now at 4. Steam til they’re soft enough to go a bit mushy. But a great intro to green veggies.”

Kimberley says “Maybe add hummus and other dips to bread sticks and carrot sticks.”

Lottie says “With blw I have just always given my daughter whatever meals I am having. She enjoys chilli, curry, gnocchi and bangers and mash at dinner time. For lunches we have crackers with cheese, wraps, quiche and sandwiches. Just have to be mindful of salt intake!!!”

Claire says “Mine used to love these spinach and cheese muffins, make a huge batch they freeze well and are great for taking out too… View topic – spinach and cheese muffins • Baby Led Weaning

Also like the others said egg stuff so eggy bread, sliced omelette, hard boiled eggs, cheese cubes, sweet potato chips, homemade fish fingers always go down well and tuna pitta pockets (can also make these with puff pastry and freeze!)”

Rachel says “Whatever you are eating….that’s the best bit”

Laura says “The baby led weaning cookbook app is so good! Only £4.99 I think and so many good and easy recipes”

Karen says “Anything you eat.. (except honey if under 1 year). Cut into pieces that are longer than their fist initially so they stick out of a clenched hand. Let them go for it. Don’t worry how much goes in/down. Food before one is just for fun. As they get used to it make the foods smaller, you’ll be surprised how they’ll concentrate until they can pick up that pea! The book baby led weaning by Gill Rapley is fab”

Wendy says “Agree with above just feed them whatever you are eating. The only real rule is no honey until around 12 months. I’ve heard so many people say how much more enjoyable weaning is second time round because there’s no rules.”

Kath says “As the others have said anything you are eating. Often if my little one was on my lap while I was eating she would launch her hand onto my plate to try whatever it was. They do say that if they can’t handle it they won’t be able to pick it up (eg smaller foods like peas etc with that worry of choking). I remember at around 8 months old she got hold of a spare rib while we were having chinese and started munching on that!”

Tara says “Baby led weaning cookbook app is really helpful. Includes advice as well as recipes”

Jade asked “With the carrot sticks are they supposed to be cooked? Will be asking the exact same question in 6 months time”

  • Kelly said “Entirely up to you and what you’re comfortable with an uncooked carrot probably will only be used for gnawing!!! But quite good for teething!”
  • Catherine said “I would avoid raw carrot sticks myself and raw apple slices.. whole raw carrot or apple or else cook carrot or blanch the apple”
  • Karen said “If they’re sat upright, supervised and only putting food into their own mouth then the risk of choking is very small. As baby hits 6 months(ish) their gag reflex moves backwards in their mouth, they may trigger their gag reflex as they learn to put food in their mouth, but that’s what’s supposed to happen, that way they learn how to do it. Have a look at the book baby led weaning by Gill Rapley”

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Top Tip: Weaning Food (Frozen Fruit in Porridge)

As a busy Mum (what Mum isn’t busy?!??!) I try to listen out for hints and tips to make life that little bit easier.

One of the things I’ve picked up on is using Frozen Fruit.

When Miss NHM was first weaning I would use frozen blueberries in her Ready Brek in the morning.

It helps to cool the porridge down very quickly and she seemed to enjoy eating them although the faces she pulled were hilarious.

They do make an awful lot of mess though and blueberries stain so make sure you put down a ground sheet if you have carpet.

Weaning Ideas

These are some tips that I’ve picked up from other Mum’s with regards to things you might need whilst weaning your little one:

  • A high chair – If you don’t want to spend a fortune, Ikea do some really cheap but perfectly practical high chairs. However, I recently found the following article about them…Ikea Highchairs
  • At least three soft-tipped plastic spoons
  • At least three plastic bowls
  • Lots of large, wipe-clean or washable bibs (sleeved coverall bibs are great for when your baby starts feeding themslves and make sure they have patterns on. If they are white, it may look like you haven’t washed them properly!)
  • A food processor or hand-held blender to quickly whizz up purees
  • Ice cube trays or small lidded plastic pots for freezing individual portions. See the related post below about the Lakeland Oxo tot range. It’s expensive but I found it much better than the Annabel Karmel equivalents.
  • Wipes or cloths – E-cloths are expensive but are great as you only need water and don’t have to fork out on cleaning sprays too. They last for at least 300 washes.
  • A splash mat or groundsheet can be useful for protecting the floor
  • Little pots if you want to freeze single portions. Apparently PoundLand sell the Tommee Tippee pots x 3 for £1.
  • I highly recommend Annabel Karmel’s mini ice lolly set. You can fill the moulds with fruit or even savoury mush and then freeze it. When your little one is teething they might find it easier to use the lolly’s.
  • Visit your local Farm shop to see what organic produce they have available.
  • Check out Able and Cole or Riverford for their box delivery schemes in the area. Able and Cole do a Baby and Toddler box with appropriate fruit and veg.

Do you have any other hints or tips that you would like to share? Please add a comment below. Thanks!

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