NHM Reader Recommendations: Local Ironing Services

Louise recently asked: “Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day. Mr NHM recently started a new job which he has to wear a shirt for every day. Every Sunday night he goes on and ON about not wanting to iron his shirts for the week. Does anyone have any recommendations for local Mums who offer an ironing service? TIA”

The responses are below, thank you to those in the NHM community who responded. The recommendations are in no particular order:

The Helpful Hedgehog – Karen

The Helpful Hedgehog

Charlene says “Karen (The Helpful Hedgehog)”

EZ Ironing and Home Cleaning – Michelle

EZ ironing and home cleaning

Cheryl says “Michelle”

Helen says “Michelle does ours too!”

Barrett Dry Cleaners – Martinne

Barrett Dry Cleaners

Charlotte says “Martinne”

Martinne says “Yes I can Help … ironing is one of the services we offer in our dry cleaners … FREE local pick up and delivery also!”

Lauren says “Martinne for definitely!”



Diane says “Ours go to Blanksons, they collect and drop back! They are brilliant, we have used them for a number of years!”

Other Suggestions

Lowri says “I bought my husband a round necked jumper to wear over his unironed shirts. Made sure it was a jumper that could be tumble dried. Job done.”

Wendy says “Line dry then Tumble dry for 20 mins, crease free. Charles Trywritt and T M Lewin shirts work best.”

Stefanie says “We have non iron shirts; they go in the tumble dryer and as soon they are dry they go on the hangers… if they are not taken out immediately they go in the tumble dryer again…”

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NHM Readers Recommend: Where to Buy Second Hand Maternity Clothes

An NHM Reader recently asked “”Could you please ask the community where I can buy second hand maternity clothes? Is so expensive, I’m size 10.” The NHM Community were amazing in their responses. Thank you for all of your suggestions, listed below in no particular order, and thank you very much to all of those who offered clothes!

NHM Readers recommend – where to buy second hand maternity clothes

Claire says “The NCT nearly new sale always has a good range. Whole section of maternity clothes. But that’s not till 28th April. https://www.facebook.com/BasingstokeNCTNNS/. You could also ask a question on facebay etc whether anyone selling any”

Jo says “VarageSale have tons of maternity stuff too. It’s an online selling/buying app. You join your local community (basingstoke) and then there’s tons of stuff to buy and you can sell your stuff for free too! https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/varagesale/id622859960?mt=8

Wendy says “Lots of people donate them to Spotlight but I needed different coats second time round and eBay was the best place. Also ask if the hospice shops if they have got their acts together and put all their baby bits in one place yet. Fitmama selling normally has a few too.”

Sally says “I used to look on ebay”

Karen says “Online groups. Put ‘maternity clothes’ in the search bar and there’s lots of Facebook groups. There’s even jo jo maman bebe only ones.

Becki says “I bought most of my maternity clothes on Facebook market place, charity shops and the nearly new sales”

Heather says “I used eBay”

Becky says “Market place on Facebook! Got all mine for £20”

Helen says “VarageSale”

Sandhya says “VarageSale for anything buy/sell local. It has categories and sort through size. Need to download the app or use the website.”

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Review 2018: HAIRaffair Basingstoke

I recently received a message on facebook from Aideen, asking me if I would like to have my hair done in exchange for a review on NorthHantsMum.

I jumped at the chance! 😀

(There is a special offer for NHM Readers at the bottom of this post :-D)

HAIRaffair Basingstoke

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a “girly girl” but I do take an interest in how I look. I haven’t had my hair cut in a salon in over 10 years as I have always found hairdressers to be very intimidating places, especially as I’m not into fashion.

It turned out that at a recent fundraising raffle I had won a voucher to get my hair cut but hadn’t realised it that it was with Aideen. I actually gave the voucher to a friend who needed pampering more than me, so when Aideen got in contact it clicked that I’d given away my voucher!!!! lol.

I explained to Aideen that I wasn’t really a girly girl and she was absolutely lovely about it. I did know that I wanted my hair to be coloured but I didn’t want her to be anymore out of pocket, especially as she’d been so generous with her raffle donation.

I explained that I just wanted a trim and colour and we agreed that I would cover the cost of the colouring and she would cut my hair in exchange for this review.


Aideen decided on her career path when she was traveling around Australia for a year after studying at college and university. She’s always loved playing with hair but at the time she thought that she would end up in a different career. Then she saw that lots of fellow travellers cutting hair and making money flexibly and it confirmed her career decision.

Once back from Australia she worked and trained at Arc in Basingstoke town centre and then progressed to a salon in Odiham where she was assistant manager and senior stylist. Then a couple of years ago, after her son was born, she decided to convert a room in her house to her salon and she hasn’t looked back!

We had a chat when I arrived and Aideen chose the best colour for me based on what I’d told her.

Aideen then applied the foils to my hair whilst we continued chatting.

Once the foils came out, Aideen washing my hair in her fancy hair sink and gave me a lovely mini head massage.

Then Aideen cut my hair and layered it a bit. I didn’t realise how long my hair was as she cut off about 4 inches and it was still really long! lol.

We basically didn’t stop talking for the whole two hours!!! It was really lovely to chat to her and she’s a great listener.

She did a fantastic job with my hair and blow dried it straight as my hair normally has a bit of a kink about it.

I came out of Aideen’s salon literally bouncing. There is literally nothing like having 1.5 hours of being pampered and coming out with a fab new hair colour and hairstyle!

My FAB new hair!!!

When I got home Mr NHM said “something’s different…” which is high praise in our household! lol.

Miss NHM kept telling me how beautiful I looked. She’s not used to me having my hair down.

I felt amazing for the rest of the weekend with my fab new hair!


Aideen normally works only on Saturdays but if you are desperate, she can fit you in at other times.


Aideen’s studio is attached to her house but it’s fab because you literally have it ALL TO YOURSELF!!! She only has one to two people at a time so you have her full concentration.

Baby Facilities

Babies are very welcome at Aideen’s studio.

The perk of Aideen only having one client at a time means that you can take your baby along as there is room for a baby car seat.

If you let her know in advance that you are taking a baby with you, she said she will allow extra time in case you need to focus on your baby at any point. How fab is that!

Aideen is very understanding as she has two small children of her own.


Is free and on the drive and streets near Aideen’s house.


Prices are what you would expect for an independent hairstylist with her own studio.

For example, a cut, style and finish is £35.

Rating out of 5

Aideen did SUCH an AWESOME job! I absolutely love it!!! My hair looked amazing.

I will easily give her 5 out of 5 because she made me feel so welcome and really looked after me.

I love the colour and the cut was a really good cut. It was such a luxury to have my hair washed AND dried.

If you need a new haircut and are looking for some pampering at the same time, I highly recommend visiting Aideen’s salon!

Aideen can be reach on 07808316933 for any bookings. She also has a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HAIRaffairbasingstoke/

Aideen is also very kindly offering NHM Readers a first time discount £5 off cut and £15 off colour and cut booked together.

Thank you Aideen!!!!!!

Disclaimer: This post is a review of HairAffair Hairdressing. My experience was supplied free of charge for the purposes of the review. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.

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NHM Reader Recommendations: Memory/Keepsake Bears

An NHM Reader asked: “can anyone recommend someone locally who makes memory/keepsake bears from newborn clothes?”

Thank you the the NHM community for your responses, these are below, in no particular order. Thank you also to Juliet for putting this post together!!! 

NHM Reader’s recommendations for Memory/Keepsake bears

Sarah’s Handmade

Sarah’s Handmade

Linda said “Sarah’s Handmade – She’s brilliant.”

Debra Designs

Debra Designs

Emma said “This lady is amazing, the teddy we had made for our youngest is amazing”

Stacey said “Debra Designs”

Debra said “Yes I do, Basingstoke based, but can post if needs be! My page is Debra Designs Keepsakes Feel free to pop over and have a look!!”

Kellbells keepsakes

Kellbells keepsakes

Claudia said “Kelly of Kellbells keepsakes – she also makes school memory beats which are fab.”

Kelly said “Thanks for the recommendation Claudia. I make memory keepsake animals. Please check out my page.”

Graces Creations

Graces Creations

Lucy said “My friend makes beautiful bits she’s online and posts highly recommended”

Memory Bears From The Heart By Paula

Memory Bears From The Heart By Paula

Nicole said “Memory Bears By Paula Not local but great quality and prices and willing to ship.”

Sew Memorable

Sew Memorable

Amber said “Hi…I am Bramley, Hampshire and I am Sew Memorable…have a look at my facebook page… My Bears have moveable arms and legs and you can choose where each fabric goes…”

Sarah’s Handmade

Sarah’s Handmade

Sarah said “I’m in Hook, Hampshire. I post worldwide.”

Other Suggestions

Wendy said “I intended to do this but I didn’t like the idea of the clothes being cut up so my kids cuddly toys wear them. Jelly cat toys fit newborn socks perfectly.”

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Mum2Mum Markets Hampshire

Thank you for the opportunity to tell everyone about my events!  I’m Linda and I run the Mum2Mum Markets in Basingstoke, Eastleigh and Southampton.

Mum2Mum Markets are community events where parents (and grandparents and friends!) can buy and sell high quality nearly new baby and children’s toys, clothes and equipment.  Our friendly, popular markets are all held indoors and usually see between 200 and 300 shoppers at each event. Our stalls are packed with toys, games, books, clothing, shoes, walkers, buggies, play mats, bedding, travel cots, trikes, ride-on toys, sterilisers, nursery equipment – and more!  Our events are aimed at age 0-6 years and maternity. 

The Basingstoke markets are held at Hatch Warren Community Centre and Queen Mary’s College, the Eastleigh markets at Pavilion on the Park, and the Southampton events at Woodlands Community College.

Our upcoming market dates are as follows: 

To book a stall, simply visit our bookings website at http://www.mum2mummarket.co.uk/book-a-stall.html and select your market.  We supply the tables, and you keep 100% of your takings on the day!  Each stallholder receives our useful Information Pack a couple of weeks before the market, which is packed with information, tips and advice on sorting, displaying and pricing their goodies.  We have a loyal group of repeat sellers at each location and stalls usually sell out well in advance of each market.

If you’re looking to shop at our events, you’ll find our stalls packed with amazing bargains!  A huge range of high quality nearly new baby and children’s toys, clothes and equipment at a fraction of the retail price.  You really can save a fortune! There’s no need to book to come and shop, just come along on the day. Adult entry is £2, children are free and there’s free entry for everyone for the last 30 minutes of each market.  You can also download a 2for1 entry voucher from our website and bring a friend for free (or pay £1 each of course!). 

We also work with local baby and child related businesses, who promote their products and services through our events.  There are a variety of ways to do this, including placing flyers in our goody bags, booking a business stall, or sponsoring our events.  We love working with other local small business, so would love to hear from anyone looking to engage with local parents. 

So whether you fancy selling or buying, we’d really love to see you at one of our markets – come and join us!  

Join our Facebook page for our latest news, event dates, market photos and preview of items for sale! https://www.facebook.com/Mum2mum-Market-Hampshire-166582593693636/

Please email me at linda@mum2mummarket.co.uk with any questions or enquiries – I’d love to hear from you.

Linda x

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Finding Your style when returning to work – By Victoria Kennedy

Hi, I’m Victoria, mum to 2 crazy, lively boys, vintage frock lover, tea drinker and Personal Stylist. I am passionate about empowering women to love being themselves. My style ethos is that ‘you are best at being you’.

So embrace who you are and shout about it for the world to hear! I’m often contacted by women returning to work after having their children. The story is almost always the same, and 99% of the time it boils down to confidence, confidence in ourselves as working women. If you are considering returning to work, read on!

Going back to work after having a baby is a big move, your heart, mind and body are still adjusting to the new ‘normal’ and it can feel very overwhelming and stressful. Usually full of emotional turmoil and a bucket load of ‘mum-guilt’ at the thought of leaving your child.

Whether you took 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years of maternity leave, deciding what to wear to work after having a baby will be different but yet the same for all of us. You may still be carrying baby weight, you may still be breastfeeding and more than likely your confidence will have dipped.

For me, returning to work after the birth of my first son was so daunting. I was absolutely riddled with guilt as well as feeling totally overwhelmed about my ‘new body’ and how to dress for it. Let’s face it, I’d spent the majority of the last 12 months in my new found ‘mummy uniform’- rotating PJ’s for leggings and oversized sweaters. Marry that with a distinct lack of sleep and time to myself meant makeup and hair styling was no longer on my monthly to do list let alone part of my mornings routine!

When deciding to return to work, first and foremost, before thinking about what to wear: 

  1. Be kind to yourself

 Take some time to process the return to work decision in your own head. You may be feeling guilty about leaving your child, you may be feeling guilty about being excited to return to work. All of these feelings are normal. Do not beat yourself up about how you feel. Talk to your partner, friends, family and allow yourself those feelings.

2. Take up the offer of ‘Return to work days’

Going back into work in an informal way, for a chat & coffee can help it feel less daunting. Remember these days are for you to ‘catch up and refresh yourself’ don’t be pushed into working or being pulled into office politics!

3. Take care of yourself

Try to build a routine into the mornings and evenings on the days leading up to your return to work. This will help you ensure you get enough sleep and eat well- returning to work is tiring! Prepare yourself!

So once you’ve found good childcare, figured out logistics, battled tiredness and getting into the ‘work’ frame of mind, you can start to think about what you will wear on the ‘big day’.  This was such a huge challenge for me as I felt I had lost myself. I was ‘mummy’ and knew that role quite well- I knew the uniform! But I had no idea what ‘working Victoria’ looked like these days. Plus I had no idea what suited my new expanse of tummy!

I knew I wanted to return to work feeling confident about myself. I wanted people to see me as a professional, not as a ‘mummy’- which is strange as I have the utmost respect for mums- the jobs a tough one! But I felt, on my return to work, I would be judged by my appearance, that ‘how together’ I looked was a reflection on my ability to be a working mum.

So with that in mind I went shopping with a close friend, someone who had returned to work previously after having her children, and her advice is something I still use regularly with my clients today!

1. New Clothes

Whilst it seems obvious to say buy new clothes- after all we are all familiar with that ‘shiny new item’ feeling- much like the first day back at school adorned head to toe in new gear! But when I say buy new clothes what I really mean is take a good look at your new post baby body shape and buy new pieces that flatter this new fabulous shape.

If you’re unsure of your body shape- take a look at my facebook page for some tips and guidance! Dressing to flatter your shape can make you look slimmer, younger and feel more confident. There is no need to purchase the entire Next Directory- See my next point!

2. Buy 3 or 4 versatile items

For example, buying a black shift or wrap dress (great if breastfeeding/pumping) can be a great investment as you can wear it in different ways- with a blazer, with a scarf, with heels, with boots, with a bright necklace etc.

A great rule I impose on my clients is ‘never buy an item that doesn’t already go with 2 or 3 items you own’- that way you can wear it in many ways. So when you are choosing some new workwear think carefully about how the pieces can be worn to create multiple outfits.
Other good versatile items are;

  • ‘trophy blazers’- bright/jazzy fabric blazers that can be added to outfits to provide colour or texture.
  • Statement jewellery- another great way of adding colour and changing the look of an outfit.
  • Neutral coloured trousers or skirt- these can then be worn with a variety of tops and shoes to create different looks.

3. Bag & Shoes

You’ve probably got the hang of packing the changing bag with every possibility accounted for. You’re used to lugging around the contents of your house- just in case! But when returning to work the contents of your bag is entirely for you. So as well as having the luxury of carrying just your purse and lippy, you can do so in a lovely new bag! Treating yourself to a gorgeous-but- totally-impractical-for-mummy-duty bag can be a great way to bring your personality back into your style.

It’s a way of reminding yourself that ‘you’ are still ‘you’! This can also be the case with shoes! Although an air of practicality may well be needed, depending on your job, but it can be a great confidence boost to walk into work rocking a killer pair of heels! You’ve still got it girl!

Whatever you choose to wear to return to work, above everything else, it should make you feel most like you. Your style is a reflection of your personality as well as your lifestyle and body shape.

We are naturally going to feel most confident when we are being ourselves. Embrace who you are- an amazing women, who has carried and birthed a precious baby, a baby who loves you unconditionally for being their Mama. Return to work with this love in your heart and let your light shine- You are best at being you!

If you would like more tips and advice on finding your style join my ‘Style File’ group on Facebook. 

Alternatively, book a Personal Styling session with me for an in depth analysis of your shape, colours, style and personality- www.givingyouaboost.wixsite.com/hello

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NHM Readers: Local places for Preloved items

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook if anyone could recommend the best places to take second hand items. (Thank you very much to everyone who responded!)

These were the responses I received. They are in no particular order.

NHM Readers Recommend Local Places for Preloved Items

Spotlight Centre

Wendy said: Spotlight Centre. If you ask they can pass them onto those in need.  

Penny said: Spotlight have links with social services and can pass them on but please state that they are to be passed on.

Spotlight UK

Christ Church, Chineham

Vicki said: If you take them to Christ Church, Chineham we have contact that we can pass them onto one of which is a charity that helps trafficked individuals and has safe houses and refuges amongst its range of support.

Christ Church


Abigail said: Besom have taken loads of my baby clothes and baby items (and other stuff like kitchen goods and bed sheets etc) and they have gone to the women’s refuge. They come and collect and all the stuff goes to people in need rather than just charity and you even get a thank you letter in the post which was a surprise.


Basingstoke Voluntary Action

I have also suggested Basingstoke Voluntary action.


Community Furniture Project

You can donate unwanted furniture here.


National Childbirth Trust – Nearly New Sales

You could register to be a seller at the regular Nearly New Sales around the area throughout the year if you want to make a few pennies back.

NCT Nearly New Sales

North Hants Hospital Children’s Ward

Kathryn has advised that good quality toys (except soft toys) and books/complete board games can be donated to the hospital by being left with the ward clerks that wear purple shirts on Charlie’s ward or outpatients.

Emma also said that the children’s wards, CDU and children’s A&E room make use of toys that can be easily sterilised. Some wards may also accept clothing and nappies as they run short.

Little Hampshire

Katie said you can give good quality branded clothes to Little Hampshire and they will sell them for you and take a cut.
Little Hampshire

Basingstoke PCC

Michelle said that you can donate baby and toddler items to The Baby Clothing and Equipment Service. They accept good quality clothing (ages 0-2) and equipment such as cots, prams, stair gates, baby baths and high chairs.   
Baby Clothing and Equipment Service

Frimley Park Hospital

Desiree said that Frimley Park hospital are in need of toys (not soft toys) for their children’s A&E and F1 wards

Popley Little People

Run by Melrose Community Centre (a registered charity), Popley Little People always welcome donations of clean, working pre-school toys.

Popley Little People

As every, you can always take any unwanted items to any charity shop to see them put to good use and sold for a good cause!

Is there anywhere else you would recommend?

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When should you buy your child their first shoes?

When should you buy your child their first shoes?

Buying shoes for babies is such a minefield, it can be hard to know what to do. Here we will share some of the information we have found useful and you can make your own decisions.

Baby’s feet are still soft and not fully formed so it’s important that they wear supportive shoes which give them space for them to grow.

Toddlers don’t have a visable arch like adults and older children so they can look flat footed.

It’s common for children to walk with feet that turn inwards as their leg and ankle bones are developing. They normally align properly by 7 years old but check with GP if you are concerned.


Clarks offer shoes from pre-walking. They are ‘specially’ designed to add protection . They are lightweight and flexible with seamless interiors that don’t rub. There are also whole and half sizes and a choice of widths. They then offer first shoes which have padded ankle supports and protection for the toes and still offer whole sizes as well as half sizes and different widths. Clarks also offer a free fit check after 6-8 weeks too.

With a bit of digging around the Clarks website, you can see that they even say “It is best to allow your child to go barefoot when possible in the early stages of walking to allow feet to breath and feel the floor”


The College of Podiatry

Here the advice is quite different to Clarks. They suggest that once a child has taken a few steps unaided, they are then ready for shoes. They suggest ensuring shoes have the following features:

  • Close cropped soles to prevent tripping
  • Room for movement and growth
  • Soft leather uppers for cool comfortable feet
  • Lightweight, flexible sole to aid walking development
  • Whole and half sizes in a choice of widths
  • Fully adjustable fastenings
  • Padded ankle for protection and support.


Made for Mums

Made for Mums says that when babies are born their feet and legs are curved having spent a long time cramped growing in the womb. As they grow their feet straighten out and you must make sure socks/shoes don’t cramp their feet so they can grow straight. They say that the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists say toddlers shouldn’t wear proper shoes until they can walk well (approximately 6 weeks of walking). They recommend places such as Clarks, Next and Start-rite.


Baby Centre

Baby Centre says that you don’t need to buy babies their first shoes until they are walking confidently on their own and to only put them in shoes when they are walking outside. They say that walking barefoot around the house enables better balance and coordination and allows feet to develop naturally.


What are your experiences of buying shoes? Any recommendations of places locally to get children’s feet measured and/or buy shoes? Let me know!

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Stickerscape Name Labels

Welcome to Stickerscape Name Labels

Stickerscape’s name labels are the perfect way to ensure that your kids’ stuff never gets lost! Of course name labels have to be practical, and withstand all that our little people can throw at them (as a British manufacturer of quality products we take this as a given), but at Stickerscape we pride ourselves on also making name labels that look fab! Having an image as well as a name is really handy for very young children as they don’t even need to be able to read their name to recognise their labels, and for older children it’s a fun chance to reflect a bit more personality.

The name label pack is ideal for labelling just about anything your children might carry into nursery, pre-school or school, plus their uniform too! In particular, we’d recommend them for use in shoes (e.g. plimsolls, ballet shoes, football boots), water bottles, lunchboxes, tupperware containers, rucksacks, book bags, pencil cases, individual pens / pencils, notebooks, folders – the list is pretty endless. This pack also includes two sheets of iron on labels, ideal for labelling your child’s clothing and uniforms.

About Stickerscape Name Labels

We keep things simple by offering 3 great value name label packs, so you can concentrate on the really fun bit of picking your favourite design! Simply choose from stick on labels, iron on labels, or a handy mixed pack combining both. Within each pack, a variety of different sticker shapes and sizes will make sure you’re ready to label just about anything. Plus our super tough stick on labels are fine to put in the dishwasher, microwave and freezer, whilst our iron on labels can happily withstand regular visits to the washing machine and tumble dryer. Full instructions are included in your pack.

Fundraise for your school with name labels

Join our school fundraising scheme to earn a fantastic 25% commission on all name labels ordered by parents – that’s up to £4.50 per pack sold! Quick, simple and totally free to get started – we provide flyers about the name labels for you to distribute to parents. Parents order online with your school ID code, and we dispatch orders directly to them. No need for you to collect order forms or money! For every £50 commission your school earns, you will also receive a bonus educational wall sticker (e.g. a number line or illustrated alphabet), perfect for using in the classroom or as a raffle prize! https://www.stickerscape.co.uk/fundraise-for-your-school-with-name-labels/


Happy shopping and Happy holidays!


W: www.stickerscape.co.uk

Follow us: @Stickerscape

Like us: facebook.com/stickerscape

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NHM Readers Recommend Name Labels for School Clothes

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook for their recommendations for name labels for school clothes.

Thank you very much to everyone who responded and thank you to Shona for putting this post together! 

These were the responses I received.

NHM Readers Recommend Name Labels for School Clothes

Woven Labels UK:

Karen said: I order from this site.

Wendy said: Another vote for these, been using them since he started nursery, the name stickers are really useful too, mine have them on their bikes and water bottles and they stay on.

Woven Labels UK

Able Labels

Stephany recommends Able Labels.

Abigail said: I have just bought some from Able Labels.

Able Labels

Cash’s Woven

Stephany also recommends Cash’s Woven

Cash’s Woven


Michelle and Marie recommend using a Sharpie pen to label children’s clothes.

Amazon – Sharpie


Sally said: Stikins are great.

Kate said: I second Stikins.


Name tags 4 u

Karen said: Name tags 4 u are great and very reasonably priced

Name tags 4 u

My Nametags

Lowri said: The black and white stickers for water bottles etc, in the dishwasher and never had one fall off yet.

My Nametags


Kate said: Labels4Kids they are reasonable and the sticker ones are remarkably hard wearing. They have always been quick with delivery too.



Emma said: Easy2Name, local and very good.

Katie said: Their stick on labels are fantastic, do not come off in the washing machine. There are lots of designs and packages to choose from. Prompt service and online help if required.

Gillian said: Easy2Name for shoes and water bottles.


Additional Tips!

Allison said: In the end (three children!) I bought sew in labels with only our surname so I could pass uniform from one child to the next or cut them out of a worn out item and reuse the label.

Gillian said: Sew-in-labels for jumpers, sharpie for polo shirts (check each half term that it’s not faded to unreadable) and stick-in/on for shoes and water bottles.

North Hants Mum recommends – Stamptastic

Stamptastic provides stamps that work on fabric, metal, wood and some plastics. It saves you from having to sew or iron on labels. The stamping blocks are clear so you can easily position them. You can order them with any wording and numbers if you need to.

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