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Thank you for clicking on NorthHantsMum (NHM). I hope you will find the site useful and interesting!

The concept behind NHM is that it is a source of inspiration if you are pregnant or a parent of babies and/or young children and live in, or near, Basingstoke.

The blog provides information on things that are happening in the area and a little bit about my experience of being a Mum. Many of the posts are relevant to parents who don’t live in the area.

I aim to publish a post every week day.

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If you are a local business (based in Hampshire or Berkshire, England) and would like to write a Guest Post that will be relevant to other Mum’s and Dad’s in the area or you would like me to review your service and/or product in exchange for a review post on NHM, please send me an email.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback please email me at northhantsmum@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for reading NorthHantsMum (NHM)!

Many Thanks
Louise a.k.a. NorthHantsMum 

North Basingstoke – Tadley, Reading, Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford

East Basingstoke – Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot, Hook, Farnham

South Basingstoke – Alton, Winchester, New Alresford

West Basingstoke – Andover, Whitchurch

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