Publicising your products and services on NorthHantsMum

I’ve been running the Guest Post series (every Wednesday) for nearly four years now. It’s proven to be very successful. However, I’ve noticed that I get a lot more uptake in readership when I publish Reviews.

I realised a while back that I didn’t have the capacity to attend everything that I was invited too for NorthHantsMum, so I set up a secret FB group for NHM Writers. It’s been very successful and I’ve had some lovely feedback from the writers and the people whose products and services we have written about. It’s wonderful to know that I can share the NHM experience with other Mum’s and families, whilst giving them an opportunity to write and experience something new.

There are almost 3000 parents hooked into NorthHantsMum through a variety of different ways, so the review of a product/service has the potential to reach a lot of people.

Please note, I am passionate about supporting local businesses, so I try to ensure that all review posts have a positive spin. I’ve seen several other bloggers rip a product or service apart on their blog and I don’t agree with this because you don’t know the impact your negative review will have on their business and lives. There are ways to mention when you have received a poor product or review without being harsh.

So… if you have a product or service that you think would be applicable to parents in the area and you would like either myself or one of my NHM writers to come and experience your product/service in exchange for a review post on NorthHantsMum, then please drop me a line at and I will get something organised for you.

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