NHM Inspirational Mum (Nov 2017): Jaz McCarthy

CONGRATULATIONS Jaz McCarthy at Caterpillar Music Basingstoke!!!

Thank you very much to everyone who nominated someone for this month’s “NHM Inspirational Mum!

A massive THANK YOU also to all of the lovely Mum Business Owners who have donated a prize that Jaz can choose from!!!

Well done Jaz and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

If you would like to nominate someone for December’s award, please email me at NorthHantsMum@gmail.com by the 5th of December and include a couple of paragraphs as to why you are nominating this Mum. I will then let everyone know who will be the “Inspirational Mum” for December and people can email further comments before the announcement is officially made in the middle of December.

NHM Inspirational Mum (Nov 2017): Jaz McCarthy

Jaz McCarthy who runs Caterpillar Music Basingstoke

Inspiration Mum Nomination 1

Christine: I’d happily nominate Jaz McCarthy of Caterpillar music. She’s a brilliant Mum, kind and fun! Her three kids are just like her, lovely and cheeky. She’s a brilliant friend, always cheery and willing to help anyone. She went out of her way to get to know me when I was new to the area. She’s also an incredible business woman. She’s a really hard worker and her entrepreneurial spirit is definitely to be admired. Her limitless energy and ideas and enthusiasm are really inspiring. My children LOVE her class and it’s not easy to keep them entertained. Caterpillar music has been one of my favourite classes for years now

Inspiration Mum Nomination 2

Libby: I have attended jaz’s class with all my 5 children for years and she truly is wonderful, enthusiastic, friendly, reliable, unique and a deserving winner! She is so brilliant and trains her staff to be exactly the same! xxx

Inspiration Mum Nomination 3

Claire: Jaz is amazing !!!…..How she is so enthusiastic so early in the morning, remembers everyone’s names and is super creative I will never know.
Thank you for also acknowledging children with additional needs and putting things in place for them. Even if it’s just extra time with cuddles. Thoughtful and caring.
What a super mum – Thank you !!

Inspiration Mum Nomination 4

Nicky: I work for Jaz at caterpillar music, prior to that I took my little girls to her music classes. She is a great person to work for, caring, fun & creative & so energetic. She always has a smile even when she’s had to deal with some family health issues
I think she’s inspirational having built up a fantastically successful business whilst young with 3 little ones, & made it look easy when I know it is far from it.

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