Date Afternoon Ideas in Winter

In the run up to Christmas you might not have time to have Date Nights, but you may be able to squeeze in a “Date Afternoon”. We are planning to have one in between Christmas and New Year, when Miss NHM is  in nursery.

I feel dreadfully guilty about it, but she loves nursery and Mr NHM and I get to spend some quality time together remembering what it’s like to just be the two of us!

I posted up about Date Night Ideas a few months ago and you can read my suggestions HERE. In the same manner, Date “Afternoons” are also a big deal in our house.

On our Wedding Anniversary we both took half a day off from work,  left our little one in nursery, and went to lunch and then an afternoon cinema showing. It’s cheaper all round, much emptier and you often have the cinema to yourself (assuming it’s not school holidays! lol).

Mr NHM recently sorted us out a Gourmet Society card. I think it cost us £20 a year, but we made the money back within the first couple of times of using it.

We often go out for lunch as Mr NHM works strange shift hours. Sometimes, the only time we can sit down together in a week  is over lunch. Some of our favourites:

  • Spruce Goose (love the value of the daytime menu)
  • The Portsmouth Arms
  • Nando’s (his choice)
  • Wagamama’s (my choice)

As already mentioned we also go to the cinema on the odd occasion during the day and we plan to go bowling one day as it’s also cheaper during the day.

Although this isn’t so appropriate for the weather at the moment, we love a good picnic. One of the best “Date’s” we ever went on was a picnic in February. There was snow on the ground but we had an awesome afternoon.

Do you have any suggestions for other Afternoon Dates?

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