8 “things” about me, the person behind NHM

1. My name is Louise

If you would like to send me an email, please don’t hesitate to refer to me as Louise!

If you refer to me as anything else (other than NHM), don’t be surprised if I don’t reply!  lol.

2. I live in a house that has no TV

How else do I find the time to write NHM! :-D.

You can read my post about having no TV at the following link: Yup, we don’t have a TV.

3. I make no money from NHM (2011-2014)

NHM is my hobby. I don’t make any money from it at all. However, I have been given two freebies since I started. Which was very nice.

I recently paid wordpress to remove all adverts from the wordpress site. I’m still slightly bitter about this, but I didn’t want people thinking I got paid for these adverts.

WordPress got paid for these. Not me. (this is a test to see if Mr NHM really does read my posts as I haven’t actually told him I’ve paid to have these removed. Opps!)

4. Facebook is a pain

It’s supposed to say NorthHantsMum on Facebook but Facebook won’t allow you to have a one word name.

It did make me chuckle recently when someone called me “NorthHants” (my old FB profile used to be “NorthHants Mum”, until FB deactivated it in 2015).

5. A disappointment in person

I am terrified that when people meet me I’m a bit of a disappointment to them. That’s why I keep under the radar.

However, after all of the lovely emails I’ve received from you this year (2014), my confidence is growing. Plus, no one has told me they’ve stopped reading NHM after meeting me! Yet. lol.

6. I hated Basingstoke when I was younger. Now I love it!

I grew up in Basingstoke and have lived here, on and off, for the past 32 years. I recognise a lot of people and know a lot of history of the place.

I’ve lived in Leeds, Southampton and Canada and considered relocating to America and Germany when I worked in both countries during 2001 to 2008. The elastic band syndrome always kicked in and bought me back home.

7. Kate Winslet is a Trollope

Yes, Kate Winslet did snog my first boyfriend whilst I was still with him and yes I will ALWAYS  judge her for that. Trollope. 😀

8. Do you even care about any of this?

No probably not, but I thought it might be nice to “share” a bit. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Can you tell it’s nearly Christmas? 😀

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