Yup, we don’t have a TV

I’ve blogged before about not having a TV but I thought I would give you a bit more background in this.

We haven’t had a TV for 8 years. I don’t miss it.

I still get to watch things but we are years behind most people on their box sets.

We have a computer in the living room. I was a LoveFilm member for over 10 years and we always watched DVD’s, either films or series, from LoveFilm.

However, in September 2013 our area was finally upgraded to super fast broadband and we haven’t looked back!

We now have Netflix, which I love because you can create different accounts for different people and you can choose to pay month to month, so if I chose not to watch anything this month, I could opt out from paying for a month.

We also have Amazon Prime but I’m not too impressed with this because their customer service is appalling, they treat their staff badly and it’s not that much of a bargain.

However, we LOVE Vikings and it’s only on Amazon Prime, so we didn’t have a choice if we wanted to watch it.

I cancelled LoveFilm about a year ago, which I feel a bit guilty about, but we just don’t have time to watch DVD’s. I’ve had a Lovefilm account since 2002! I don’t feel that guilty though as they are now owned by Amazon, who are taking over the world!

I tend to watch a lot of stuff over winter, but in Spring and summer I don’t have the time to watch anything. (Which is a complete lie because in summer of 2014 I was addicted to Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Don’t judge me :-D)

I know how bad this is going to sound, but I’m glad I haven’t wasted my life watching things that I’m not that bothered about watching.

We never have the “TV” on in the background. I also haven’t seen an advert for years. I am that person who laughs at adverts in the cinema, on the rare occasion we get to go, because I’ve never seen them before! 😀

I now know that TV used to make me miserable. I shout at the TV and cannot bear any reality TV because it just winds me up!

I also am not very partial to the news as that used to make me very stressed. It’s only now, that I don’t have a TV, that I am really aware of this.

TV and Miss NHM

We’ve had a lot of stick from a number of friends about not having a TV with Miss NHM. I was told by one of my cousins that Miss NHM will “need a TV for homework at school”, to which the response in my head was “she won’t be going to a school that sets a TV episode as homework!”.

I’ve also had a few friends say that we are depriving Miss NHM because we don’t have a TV and that she will be bullied at school.

They are probably right and when we get to this point, we will obviously reassess the situation. Plus, if she desperately wants to watch telly she can always pop to her Gran’s or Godfather’s to borrow theirs :-D.

Miss NHM still watches things on the computer. She’s a huge fan of Peppa pig and she loves the film Tangled, as Mr NHM let her watch it without realising it was a PG and not a U. Ho hum.

She didn’t really watch any TV though until she was two and a half years old. That’s probably why there are so many Toddler Games posts on NHM! lol. (See this post HERE for a fantastic link to TV, Game and Video ratings)

Needless to say, at the moment, we see absolutely no reason to get a TV. Miss NHM thinks we have a TV because that’s what we refer too it as, so she’s none the wiser at this stage. She’s only just turned four though, so things may change when she goes to school, but I hope not.

People often ask me how I have the time to be a Mum, an awesome wife (this is a test to see if he’s reading NHM today :-D), work four days a week, run NHM, have another part time job and run a house.

I would argue that one of the main reasons is because we don’t have a TV ;-).

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