Hope & Rainbows

Kate sent me a very lovely email asking me to let you know about her gorgeous designs:

Hope & Rainbows


My shop is called Hope & Rainbows.  I launched the site in July, initially through a Facebook campaign to spread the word via my friends and family, who were very enthusiastic and supportive.

More recently, I have been receiving orders from unrelated, genuine Customers (not that my friends and family weren’t…!) and I’ve been so happy to find that my illustrations and products are being well received by the world at large too!


Each of my designs is digitally hand designed by me, Kate, at home (with ‘helpful’ input from my husband and daughters!!).   I am able to produce the images as a mounted or fully framed print, to brighten up a nursery or playroom.

There is already a wide selection of pictures to choose from, including almost all initials, but I also offer a bespoke service to create a totally new illustration when necessary to fulfill a customers’ exact requirements.


The popularity of the prints led me to also sell packs of 25 postcards with the same range of images on.  These make a wonderful standalone present for a little one (for those all-important thank you letters…), but are even more special when paired with a framed print to gift for a Christening or Birth.

In August, my husband had the brilliant idea of transferring images onto child-sized tote bags, to gift to our daughter’s friends at her fourth birthday party.  These reusable, adorable bags went down an absolute storm and I have received many orders for them since – they are a lovely keepsake and a great alternative to a plastic bag that tends to go straight in the bin.


I chose to fill ours with a few sweeties and the obligatory piece of cake; a friend of mine recently shared that she has put a blank greetings card, sheet of stickers and a pencil in each bag – the children loved having a craft to do after the party.

Following the success of the party bags, I am also rolling out some new larger drawstring bags in the near future.  The party bags are great for a pair of ballet shoes or football boots; the drawstring bags are for the full kit and caboodle and a really lovely Christmas present (a bargain too, at £7!).


So I would love to invite your readers to visit my website to get to know my work better and to visit my shop  or Etsy store  if they would like to place an order or get in touch to chat about a custom design.

You can also find out more about Kate’s designs at her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hopeandrainbows


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