Top Tip: Toddler and Pre-School Meltdowns

I haven’t really blogged about Miss NHM’s meltdown’s.

The first time she had a proper meltdown (she was 15 months old and I remember it vividly) was terrifying.

After nearly three years of meltdowns, specifically when she is tired, I consider myself a bit of an expert in Miss NHM’s moods. I still get it wrong but I’m a lot wiser than I was a few years ago when she first started having meltdowns!

The biggest thing I have learnt is that Miss NHM HAS to eat every two hours. Yup, every two hours.

If I leave it for 2.5 hours, you can bet that there will be a meltdown at some point later that day. Especially if it’s a Friday, the end of the week when she is most tired.

During mid morning and mid afternoon she only has a snack but that snack helps keep her going. If I miss it and her blood sugar drops then I know I’ve got trouble on my hands.

If your little one has a lot of meltdowns, I really feel for you. It’s hard work and can induce many tears, not just for them! I had to keep remembering that it wasn’t personal.

As Miss NHM has gotten older we have fewer meltdowns because she can now tell me how she is feeling. Although, if I miss that two hour slot then it often doesn’t matter.

In the past couple of months she has rarely had a meltdown but if she’s very tired then it’s happened on the odd occasion.

I’ve probably over shared but if you are struggling, maybe try giving your little one something to eat every couple of hours and see if it helps things.

It’s worked for us, so it may work for you.

Good Luck! This parenting lark really is a learning journey!!

Update: See this post that I published in 2018: My Experience: Being Authentic – Coeliac Disease