Top Tip 7: Epsom Salts and a Detox Bath

I’ve always wanted to have a bath using Epsom Salts but I had absolutely no idea where to buy them from as I could never find them in Supermarkets.

Last year, whilst shopping for unique Christmas presents, I stumbled across some Epsom Salts at the Little Barn Gift Shop, which is next to Manydown Farm Shop, on the way to Oakley.

I finally got around to using my Epsom Salts at the end of last month and it was AMAZING! After the bath, my skin was the softest it has ever been. I chucked in a little ground ginger (didn’t have fresh ginger lying around that week! lol) and it worked a treat.

The Salts themselves don’t cost that much. I think it was about £2 for 200g, but can’t remember exactly. Whatever it cost, it was totally worth it for a little bit of spa luxury at home.

However, if you are pregnant DO NOT use Epsom Salts.

You can find out more about how to have a Detox bath with Epsom Salts HERE.

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