Top Tip: Mini frozen croissants and pan au chocolate

Is your little one getting bored of eating the same breakfast every day?

Do you need to entertain in a hurry?

Are you looking for a little indulgence? (sounds like a proper sales pitch! lol)

Mini frozen croissants, frozen pan raisins and pan au chocolate

I discovered these awesome mini frozen croissants and mini pan au chocolates about a year ago but a lovely NHM Reader also mentioned them on the Food posts I did in April last year.

I buy them when they are on special offer, either 25% off or buy one get one free. I then just keep them in the freezer until I need them.

They are great for brunch with friends, which we do a lot of these days as it’s easier with small children and you still have the rest of the day to do other things or fit in naps.

They have saved my butt on a few entertaining occasions too!

I delegate the “baking” of these to Mr NHM and he has got them off to a “T” now! ????

You can buy the selection pack or individual packs from Waitrose:

12 Bake From Freezer Mini Butter Croissants Frozen Waitrose 300g

12 Mini French Butter Pastries Frozen Waitrose 340g

8 Frozen Pains Au Chocolat Waitrose 480g

6 Charentes Butter Pains aux Raisins Frozen Waitrose 6 per pack

Don’t eat them all at once though, as they aren’t that healthy!

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