Top Tip 9: Emergency Meals

Sometimes, I just can’t be bothered to cook a meal (yes, I know. I’m THAT parent :-D) but I still want something healthy to feed my family.

I’ve discovered a couple of healthy frozen meals from Waitrose that are really handy to have for such occassions.

They can be quite expensive though, so I wait until they are on special offer and then buy several at once!

Obviously, you can also cook these up and freeze them yourself. I just never actually get around to doing this! :-D.

We love the King Prawn and Chicken Paella and Frozen Pea & Asparagus Risotto.

“Emergency Food”

King Prawn and Chicken Paella

Frozen Pea & Asparagus Risotto

Chicken Thai Green Rice

Chicken Biryani

Seafood Risotto

Beef & Red Wine Ravioli

Cheese & Smoked Ham Ravioli 

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