Summer “Bored Sticks” Jar

This is a follow up post to the post I did in January about Winter “Bored Sticks” Jar, but with ideas tailored for summer.

I will add to this, as and when I come up with more ideas!

Summer “Bored Sticks” Jar

  1. Make Gloop with buttons
  2. Getting the plastic balls and the tent out
  3. Make cookies
  4. Do some painting
  5. Do some glueing and sticking
  6. Make some birthday cards
  7. Feed the ducks (Black Dam Pond is the best place for this I believe)
  8. Build an obstacle course in the garden (Ikea have some great things for this. We bought one of these tunnels at Christmas and it’s great as it folds away but can be used inside and outside. Great with loads of plastic balls inside on a wet day and great as part of an obstacle course outside on a nice day.)
  9. Build a tent
  10. Have a picnic with pretend food
  11. Have an outdoor picnic with real food. Basing Wood is great for Picnics. Or click on the links HERE and HERE for more picnic suggestions.
  12. Draw something
  13. Read a book
  14. Make a gift for someone
  15. Go to the park. Dinton Pastures, California Country Park,
  16. Go to the beach
  17. Make a musical instrument
  18. Find something in your house that starts with every letter of the alphabet
  19. Learn ten words or count to 10 in a different language
  20. Play with or make play dough
  21. Let Dad choose something to do
  22. Let Mum choose something to do
  23. Play a board game
  24. Dance to some music
  25. Make cupcakes or fairy cakes
  26. Do a craft project or google one to make with empty plastic bottles, toilet roll holders, old christmas cards
  27. Make coloured spaghetti
  28. Do some dried food cooking
  29. Watch a film
  30. Make some DIY coloured sand
  31. Create a village from any toys that you have
  32. Design a memory board
  33. Make a scrapbook of a recent event
  34. Visit a castle. Odiham Castle is the closest castle
  35. Go to the kids club cinema at Odeon or Vue
  36. Go out for dinner somewhere. Check out these posts HERE and HERE for suggestions. Or check out my recent review on Giraffe.
  37. Take your toys out into the garden
  38. Listen to an Audio Book
  39. Go Swimming. Check out the post HERE for details of local swimming pool
  40. Find a local splash pool.
  41. Get the paddling pool out
  42. Play pooh sticks at your local stream or brook
  43. Organise a play date with friends

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