Paddling Pools/Splash Pools in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

It’s tooooo hot today, so if you are looking for somewhere to take the children and cool off, this post might help.

Don’t forget to keep covered, even when you are in the water in the sun!

If you are looking for local Lido’s in Hampshire, check out my post from a few years ago which has a list of local Lido’s and their details.

Also, check out Chineham Splash Park which opened in 2016.


Eastrop Park

Eastrop Park has a paddling pool that is VERY popular in the warmer weather.

There are two car parks and the first one always gets very busy, very quickly.

If you walk into town, there is also a splash area on the way, although I’m always a bit dubious about the quality of the water here.

Fleet Pond, near Farnborough, also has a very small beach.

Gosport Splash Park

Gosport Splash Park was refurbished a few years ago and it looks brilliant!

It’s open from 10am till 7pm from March to October.


Wellington Country Park, Berkshire

A new splash Zone opened at Wellington Country Park in May 2016.

It’s suitable for all ages up to 8 years old.

California Country Park, Finchampstead

California Country Park, Berkshire, has a fenced off paddling pool.

A NHM Secret Reviewer did a Review of California Country Park in 2014 so if you need more details about the Country Park, check out this post.

Beale Park, Berkshire

Beale Park has a paddling pool which is open from Easter Weekend.

There is an entry fee to pay to get into Beale Park.


Frensham Ponds

Frensham Pond is a natural area which has a proper beach.

A NHM Secret Reviewer very recently reviewed Frensham Common which provides details about the area.

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