NHM Readers Recommend: Child friendly coffee shops

I recently asked the Friends of  my “Louise nhm Smith” profile on Facebook for recommendations for child friendly coffee shops in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. (Thank you very much to everyone who responded!). 

Thank you very much also to Shona for putting this together! 😀

Please note, these are in no particular order!

NHM readers recommend child friendly coffee shops

1. The Tea Bar

Rachael recommended Tea Bar.

The Tea Bar

  1. Dome Cafe Project

Kath said: It’s a great venue that I often forget about

The Cafe Project

3. Little Roses – Tadley Garden Centre

Jo said: Little Roses, part of the garden centre on the way to Tadley, they have sofas and a kids corner with toys upstairs.

Melanie said: Little Roses is great.

Lisa also recommended Little Roses

Little Roses

  1. Wyevale – Reading Road

Madeline said: Wyevale Garden Centre on the way up to Reading has a toy box and a playhouse in the garden.


  1. More of the Good Stuff – Dummer

Kelly said: There is a lovely one in Dummer.

Fiona also recommended More of the Good Stuff.

More of the Good Stuff

  1. Redfields Garden Centre

Alison said: It has a cafe and children’s play area upstairs

Redfields Garden Centre

7. Wellington Farm Shop Cafe

Ruza said: Comes with outside space and activities. Inside big tables for spreading with toys.

Wellington Farm Shop Cafe

8. Jolly Olly’s – Oakley

Lisa recommends Jolly Olly’s.

Jolly Olly’s

9. St Gabriel’s – Popley

Rebecca said: There is a cafe with toys at St Gabriel’s in Popley on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

St Gabriel’s

10. Coffee & Co – Christ Church, Chineham

Madeleine said: On Mondays, 9.30-11.30. Toys, dressing up, play area, friendly staff and inexpensive cake!

Coffee & Co

11. NCT Coffee and Chat – Brookvale

Stephany said: Don’t forget NCT coffee and chat at Brookvale on Friday mornings.

NCT Coffee & Chat

Are there any other places that you would recommend that aren’t mentioned on this list?

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