Toddler Games: Coloured water play

I found out about this great idea for sensory water play HERE.


I first tried this with Miss NHM when she just turned three years old and she LOVED it!


I don’t know if it was because it was “messy play” at home so it was a novelty or because she generally enjoyed it as it was something different! lol.

 It kept her quiet for ages.

What you need

  • different colours of food colouring
  • water
  • some bowls and/or cake baking tray
  • straws
  • bubble mixture or washing up liquid
  • We also used a syringe that was floating around (you could try this with the calpol ones for a fine motor skill challenge!)

The first time we played with coloured water I filled lots of bowls with water and then added one or two drops of food colouring to each bowl.

I then gently poured some of the coloured water into the baking tray, as you can see below.

Miss NHM thoroughly enjoyed mixing all of the colours up and seeing what colours they turned in too (they all ended up green eventually!??!)
When Miss NHM got bored of mixing up the colours I added some bubble mixture and she blew bubbles into the water.
She thought this was hilarious!

We both really enjoyed blowing the bubbles into the bowls and making different coloured bubbles.

She loved spotting rainbows in the light refraction (Rainbows have always been one of her favourite things! lol)

 There wasn’t too much mess at the end. I think she was amazed I let her create that much mess in the first place! lol (I may have a reputation for not enjoying too much mess <blush>)
As you can see, she managed to get herself covered in blue spots by the end of the morning! lol


Don’t use a white towel!

I recommend trying this activity on a hard floor, not on carpet!

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