Review 2016: Beggarwood

I’ve been driving past Beggarwood for years and meaning to look in and see what is on offer.

Sue and I went (we met through the “NHM shift parents” group) with our two little ones  in November last year and we had a fab time!


Review 2016: Beggarwood


I remember when Beggarwood was waste land. It’s not actually that long ago that the area became a housing estate, maybe 10 years ago?

The park itself is HUGE! There’s an awful lot there to see and do, a lot more than I had realised.

It would be a great place to have a picnic in the summer and take a cricket or rounders set to play with the children.


There is a bike and scooter area with ramps to ride on.


The play park is really big and has lots of different equipment which is suitable for children of all ages. 344


We walked down to the bottom of the park and the children spent AGES in the maze (below).

Sue and I had a lovely chat whilst sat on the bench watching them.


There are also a couple of areas with fitness equipment in, but I forgot to take pictures of those!


Park in the Co-op car park. We couldn’t work out if there was anywhere else to park!

Also, there is supposed to be an ampitheatre, but we couldn’t find it! lol.

The paths are suitable for bikes and scooters, but be warned that there are some big hills.


We nipped to the Co-op to buy some snacks whilst we were there.

Baby Facilities

The majority of paths are suitable for pushchairs.


We parked in the free car park for the Co-op and the nursery.

However, if you know of somewhere better to park, please let me know!



Rating out of 5

We had a lovely couple of hours exploring Beggarwood.

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