My favourite search terms on NHM in 2015

Apologies for the random post on social media this afternoon. My hosting people have been messing everything up for the past three days and it’s been VERY frustrating. The post they published was one I originally posted over 3 years ago! “20 Places that will host a Children’s Birthday Party“.

Hopefully myself and Abi, my Webmaster, have shouted at them enough to get things sorted out! I am seriously unimpressed as Christmas was supposed to be a nice restful time for me and Abi. Hey ho! Fingers crossed everything is sorted now, so thank you for your patience.

My favourite search terms on NHM in 2015

Below are a list of my “favourite” search terms that people have used and stumbled into NHM.

  1. “laura lu busty”
  2. “basingstoke taste the top of town”
  3. “mark furmston face”
  4. “planetarium singles night”
  5. “milf micheldever hants”
  6. “kos kindness andover”
  7. “dogging pits” (See yesterday’s post for an explanation! :-D)

I think the less said about most of these above, the better 😀

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