The 10 most popular posts on NorthHantsMum in 2015

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Over the next week I will be sharing a few year-end posts looking back on 2015: most popular posts, favourite posts and a summary of the year on NHM.

I enjoy taking a look back before we move into next year as it helps me to see how far both I and NHM have come!

The 10 most popular posts on NorthHantsMum in 2015

  1. OPENING TODAY!!!!!!!! Basingstoke John Lewis at Home and Waitrose

2. 20 Places that will host a Children’s Birthday Party

3. Baby Weighing Clinic’s in Basingstoke (Last updated 12th September 2013)

4. 13 Things to do in Basingstoke with a newborn

5. Summer born children (those born between 1 April and 31 August)

6. Luxury Afternoon Tea in and around Basingstoke

7. John Lewis at home & Waitrose Basingstoke – First Look!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Review 2013: Basing Wood

9. Great Picnic Spots near Basingstoke

10. Review 2013: Basing Lime Pits (You would not BELIEVE the amount of google searchers who are looking for “dogging spots” who turn up at NorthHantsMum via this “Lime Pits Review”. Bet it’s a bit of a shock that they stumble into a parenting blog with that one! Hehehehe :-D)

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