My Quarter: Autumn 2015

I had the very best intentions of doing a monthly update on NorthHantsMum but every month I run out of time!! So this month I decided that I would do a quarterly update instead. 

Miss NHM

The first few months of school have been exhausting and challenging for all of us. Miss NHM is loving school which really helps but she’s been so tired and in bed asleep by 6.30pm most evenings! This means that we don’t actually get to see her or spend much quality time with her during the week.

Her learning has come on in leaps and bounds though and I could really see her “grow up” in the first few weeks of school. Her reading and phonics are doing so well and I’ve also been so pleased to see her emotional development as the teacher advised me that she’s “looked after” a few of the younger children.

The routine change has been hard for all of us, but three months in we are getting used to it.

What I’m reading

How to be Brilliant – Michael Heppell

I discovered Michael Heppell a number of years ago through his fantastic little book “Flip it” that my Mum (!!!) put me onto after Michael was on Chris Evans’ radio programme on Radio 2. (For the record, I was tortured with radio 2 as a child and, as a result, can’t bear to listen to it! lol)

The book is a very practical book and I’ve really enjoyed some of the stories and tid bits that Michael shares. I’ve even managed to implement a few of his suggestions in my life which are really helping. I’m not sure I agree with everything that he says but he has some great ideas and I’ve really enjoyed exploring them further.

What I’m listening too

The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes

The CD’s of The Secret are literally blowing my mind!

I have listened to them on nearly every car journey I’ve had in the past three months.

They are absolutely fantastic and having an AMAZING impact on my life.

I don’t want to give too much away but if you get a chance to listen to The Secret (the film is rubbish compared to the audio!) I highly recommend it.

If you do listen to it, please let me know as I would LOVE to have someone who was able to discuss it with! :-D.

4 thoughts on “My Quarter: Autumn 2015

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  2. Tina Reply

    I love the law of attraction and have watched the secret, which is ok as an introduction but there’s much better books out there! I will have to look into the CDs, I didn’t think they would be any good judging by the film, thanks!

    • Louise NorthHantsMum Post authorReply

      If you have any recommendations on books to read for the Law of Attraction please ping me and let me know! I’m on To be fair, the film was pants but then I only got 10 minutes in and switched off! lol. The CD’s are much easier to listen too.

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