Review 2015: Elderly Primagravida

Thank you very much to Kathryn for her Review of Elderly Primagravida in 2015!

Elderly Primagravida and 29 weeks

….a woman who becomes pregnant for the first time after the age of 34/35 (age depends on what website you look at!)

The fact that I actually became pregnant at the age of 38 and is classed as “elderly,” left me a bit miffed to say the least!

However despite this and whether this has been down to my “status”, my pre existing medical conditionals or good luck, I cannot fault the care I have received so far from both my Community Midwife, the Antenatal clinic and the Day Assessment Unit.

I guess I’ve more visits to both the Community Midwife and Antenatal clinic than I the average pregnant lady and each time, I’ve never felt that I’ve been a time waster or a neurotic pregnant lady, quite the opposite and I was reassured that it is ok to worry and best to get things seen to rather than leave them and at any time I have the need to have my worries ironed just call and I will be seen at the Day Assessment Unit at the maternity unit.

I am also under a Consultants Obstetrician, I think because of my “elderly” age and pre existing conditions and again I can’t fault the care I have been given.  The last appointment I attended my Blood Pressure was a little high to say the least, this of course was duly noted and after waiting what seems an age.

I finally saw the Consultant (not the original one as previously but still well informed and very professional), she covered all the normal stuff but was concerned about my BP which was measured a couple more times, it was still high and whilst she was writing up her notes she said she was debating with herself what she should do about this BP.  She came to the decision that I should be admitted, much to me and my partners disappointed. I didn’t have to wait long too be escorted up to the ward where a bed was waiting for me.

Feeling a little unnerved I kind of settled on the bed, while waiting for a Nurse to let me know what was happening.

My Blood pressure was taking a couple of times before I was given a little orange tablet. I was monitored for another hour or so before I was provided with food (a nice surprise seeing as I hadn’t had lunch as I was due to go back to work and it wasnt half bad)

Whilst eating my tea, the Doctor came round and prodded and poke me, asked a few questions and said that my BP had come down a significant amount and she was happy for me to go home….yay!  Feeling relieved we left the Ward….until next and last time ( when we finally get to meet our little man)

I’ve been very fortunate to have had such a good experience with all the Healthcare professionals who have dealt with me and my pregnancy, even if i haven’t/ am not enjoying the whole experience yet/so far but i am sure all the mood swings, tears and tantrums will all be worth it….

Before I sign off I leave you with this… if you are worried at all, no matter how big all small

Keep Calm


Call a midwife! 😀

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