Top Tip: Birthing Hospital Tips

“S” sent me her hospital tips when her second child was born who is now nearly three years old! Opps! I probably should have posted this a bit sooner, but better late than never! Thank you for this fantastic post “S”. Going to miss you ;-).

I am posting this after meeting up with an old school friend, Kathryn, on Monday, whom I haven’t seen to chat too in over 20 years! This post is for you Kathryn and all of the other pregnant ladies who read NHM ;-).

Hospital Tips

  • Pampers – not one nappy has leaked so far
  • Bikini top – so hot in the hospital this was a great thing to wear in labour
  • Disposable knickers – lots of blood very early on and actually not uncomfortable
  • Don’t bother with fancy pjs – def get blood on them even with 2 maternity towels on
  • Take nice towel for yourself – the hospital ones are tough and not really offered clean ones
  • Luxury toilet paper – a must for stitches
  • Padded maternity towels with wings were good, if stitches wear 2 on top of each other for extra padding
  • Be assertive with midwives and listen to your body not the textbook
  • Get as much help as possible with feeding – nursery nurses were brilliant, ask for breastfeeding counsellor appointment too, they come around the wards
  • Ibaby breastfeeding app excellent for iPhone to figure out feed times esp with stopping/ starting for burping etc
  • Contraction timer excellent – and gave me something to focus on during contractions
  • Fruit really good to eat during labour
  • Good idea to take a range of clothes sizes in case your baby is tiny/big
  • A bath with lavender essential oil is soothing for stitches

What’s missing from this list?

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