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Relax Kids

Hi, I’m Kath and have recently qualified as a Relax Kids Coach and am just setting up in Basingstoke and NorthHantsMum kindly offered to give me some space in her weekly blog to promote the sessions I’m running.

We are all guilty, I’m sure, of rushing from one appointment to the next; from breakfast to school; from school to after school playdate; from dinner to bath to bed … you get the picture.

We just don’t build in time to relax anymore, particularly as there is so much around us to distract us – tv, ipad, playstation – the list is endless.

Relax Kids is all about helping children learn basic relaxation skills, to help them become aware of their feelings and emotions and learn techniques to manage these feelings and emotions, to develop concentration skills, to improve behaviour, promote positive self-image and self-esteem in children and to improve their performance at school

A Relax Kids class follows 7 steps – dance, games, stretches, massage, breathing exercises, affirmations (positive statements) and visualisations. So in a nutshell, taking children from high energy games (eg stamping and shouting like angry giants) to relaxing on the floor (and listening to stories).

I love the whole concept of Relax Kids and when I did the course I did wonder whether it would be possible in a room of 4 year olds to take them from high energy games to relaxing on the floor and it was pretty amazing when I did my first class and it happened!

I will be running two separate classes – 3-4 years (preschool age) – where parents will need to stay and find their own inner child as I’d like adult participation!!! and 4-6 (infant school age) where you can leave your child for the hour.

You can find more details about the class at my facebook page:

I can also be contacted via email ( for further queries.

Hope to see you soon.


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