My experience of Chicken Pox… (2014)

Was actually quite positive.That’s probably not what you were expecting to read!

Miss NHM (who had just turned three years old in March) very kindly had chicken pox over Easter weekend. This was good for the following reasons:

a) Mr NHM was working all weekend
b) we didn’t have any plans
c) I didn’t have to take any time off work

I noticed on Good Friday morning that Miss NHM was a bit clingy and quite tired. I then noticed that she had a few spots on her ears and thought “uh oh”.

I phoned my Mum immediately who very kindly went out to Boots to get us as much paraphenalia to do with chicken pox that you could find. She got us the PoxClin CoolMousse and ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel – 75g which some friends had recommended to us.

My Mum also picked up some of Nelsons Rhus Tox which another friend had recommended. (She bought it in Boots but I can’t find it online at Boots). This is a homeopathic treatment so I thought I would try that first.

By this point, Miss NHM had about 20 spots on her neck, ears and face. Pretty much as soon as I gave her the Rhus Tox the spots stopped crusting over.No more spots appeared on Friday.Saturday, no more spots and the spots she had looked like they were going down.

The real worry for us was, we were traveling to Germany on the Thursday after Easter, so a friend recommended I call NHS Direct to ask for their advice.

NHS Direct advised that we are in the middle of a chicken pox epidemic and it was incredibly likely that Miss NHM did have chicken pox.

They also advised that if all the spots had disappeared by the time we flew, Miss NHM would be fine to fly.

Luckily for us, Miss NHM’s spots had disappeared by the Tuesday!!

Now, I’m no doctor and I have absolutely NO medical experience, but given the other people I know who have also used Rhus Tox, this stuff worked a treat for Miss NHM.

I know that a Dr didn’t actually see her so it wasn’t officially confirmed she had chicken pox, but I saw the spots start to crust over, so I’m convinced that’s what she had.

Miss NHM had a very mild case of chicken pox.I’m also expecting her to get it at some point in the future, because of the mild case she had this time around as you can apparently catch it again if you had a mild case the first time.

I’m all about helping people (that’s what NHM is about!) so if Rhus Tox makes chicken pox less awful for your child, then I’m happy to share our experience.

My heart goes out to all of those children who have really nasty cases of chicken pox.

Do you have any tips for making chicken pox more bearable?

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