My Favourite Comments so far on the October 2017 NorthHantsMum Survey…

I’m always a bit reticent to publish a survey because you never quite know what you are going to get back.

But you wonderful NHM Readers never fail me and have sent back some AWESOME comments and brilliant feedback, some of which made me laugh out loud and some which brought a tear to my eyes!

I probably ought to say that it’s not just me (Louise) running NHM now. I have an AMAZING team of volunteers who help out regularly, which is another reason why I wanted to publish some of your comments, because they should see that the work that they do voluntarily has a direct impact on parents and families in the area.

It’s been really interesting to see that there is a huge range in the time that people have been following NHM. Some of you have been with me since the very beginning (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and some readers have only joined in the past few months. Your responses have made me a bit more aware that there is such a diversity in the length of time people have been following NHM. Not quite sure what to do with this! lol.

There have been some fantastic ideas suggested by you this year and have also prompted me to think about a few extra things to investigate over the next few months.

THANK YOU to everyone who has responded so far.

The survey is still open if you would like to complete it:

If you’ve been following NHM for a while, you will know that my ego is MASSIVE! So this post is also for my own ego. So when I’m having a bit of a blah day with NHM, I can read this post and remind myself of why I do what I do on NorthHantsMum ;-).

I’m also quite looking forward to World Domination and becoming a Dame…Hahahahaha.

Favourite Comments

What do you love about NorthHantsMum?

Louise: When asked “What you love about NorthHantsMum” your responses made my heart SIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is exactly the kind of responses that I was looking for so it makes me BEYOND DELIGHTED that the reasons that you love NHM are what I intend. THANK YOU!!!!

“Honest reviews Great community spirit”

“It’s local, it isn’t trying to make money from me, it promotes a real sense of community”

“Such a wealth of info on many many areas.”

“Friendly, approachable, always available.”

“Useful stuff written by real mum’s who aren’t afraid to admit it’s hard to be a mum”

“I couldn’t live without it. My husband is about to take over my maternity leave and be a stay at home dad. I’ve told him that he only need use NHM to see what may be of interest to the kids in any given day. It’s a finger on the pulse of family events and all things kids. One source of truth!”

“The availability to meet people, help others through questions asked, ask questions, see you’re not alone, get ideas for things to do and see, activities and events that are taking place. (Often I’ve seen events that you have said you’re interested in which makes me go check out what it is!)”

“I love how nhm is the first thing I think I about when looking for things to do locally”

“Zero judgement”

“Down to earth, honest and very excitable (passionate)”

“Very knowledgeable about local area and a central point fog likeminded people in the area. If you have a question which Louise can’t answer one of the followers knows!”

“That pretty much everything you could need as a parent is in one place”

“the community feel. like we’re all friends.”

“Great supportive community, lots of up to date local info.”

“Louise 🙂 Also so much info & accessibility for so many people, friendly helpful community spirit”

“All the activities that are going on in one place. That NHM is a real Mum, and tells it like it is.”

“The community spirit, and kind and super helpful network it supports and creates for us all.”

“Great tips/info/ideas and places to visit plus what’s on locally as it’s not otherwise advertised to be seen easily.”

“Everything! Reviews, what’s on that Louise nhm fb shares, reader questions, all of it, it’s all relevant and needed!”

What would you like to see LESS of on NorthHantsMum?

Louise: I am SOOO pleased to see that there were hardly any comments to this question. 

Although I do feel compelled to respond to the comments about my recent negativity towards Miss NHM’s previous school.

I’m VERY pleased to say that Miss NHM is absolutely thriving at her new school so I anticipate that future comments about schools will be far more positive ;-).

What should happen next on NorthHantsMum? What is missing from NorthHantsMum? What would you dream of for NorthHantsMum?

Louise: Love, love, LOVE the comments on this one!!! 

“My only wish is that it doesn’t bog you down too much so that you can keep up the awesomeness and keep enjoying it! (Because then we can too ??) There’s nothing else out there like it, it’s a lifeline for mums (No pressure ??)”

“I think just to continue providing the amazing community service that you already do. It’s amazing what you have built in your “spare”time. It’s fabulous”

“Keep doing what you’re doing”

“Continue as you are!”

“World domination ??”

“Change nothing xx”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Louise: The responses to the final question of the survey are nearly always my favourites 😀

“Just a big massive thank you for all the spare time and hard work you put into this. As one individual I would struggle to remember all that you have helped me with as there is just so much. Multiply that by everyone else and that’s a whole bunch of selfless helping!!!”

“Nope. Keep up the good work”

“It’s really helpful. Saves searching Google for the information you need.”

“Thank you for all that you do! It’s hugely appreciated.”

“Great work whatever you do next”

“Love what is done on here. Really great work going on.”

“Brilliant resource, so lucky to have it available locally.”

“An absolutely fantastic concept and a huge well done for keeping it all going along with a family and job!!”

“Great work Louise, you are doing the community proud.”

“Your the bestest”

“A great resource that can only evolve and go from strength to strength.”

“Thank you for all you do x”

“Thank you! I have shared your page with many Mum’s!”

“You’re amazing. The support you provide is amazing. Thank you so much. I would have been lost these last two years without the virtual comfort blanket you have provided for me. Well done on giving something so valuable to so many.”

“Louise is fab and should be made a Dame”

“You are an amazing lady doing a wonderful thing for other mummies! Thank you! ”

“Thank you for producing such a wonderful resource for local families.”

“Your doing fab Louise”

“You do a brilliant job Lou.”

THANK YOU for all of your comments and your support!!!

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This is such a brilliant idea!! Well done Rachel for setting this up!!!!


Whilst being away for a few days with the family, we came across a fab craze in Dorset which I think our children here in Basingstoke and Hants will absolutely love.

I have set up a facebook group called Basingstones.


Everyone can join in the fun, young and old, and anyone in between. You just paint a stone, write ‘Basingstones’ on it and hide it somewhere. Perhaps in one of our lovely parks here in Basingstoke, by a bench, under a tree, anywhere you like. The idea is that someone will find your stone and smile. It may even brighten their day! Hopefully they will post a photo on our facebook group page so we can all see how far our stones travel. Then our Basingstone finder can either re-hide the stone, or keep it and replace it with a new stone.

You can paint the stone however you wish, perhaps with a pretty pattern, a fun cartoon character, an inspirational quote or an artistic design, for example. Sharpie pens, permanent markers, nail polish, paints and varnish all work really well.

It is encouraging us as a family to get outdoors, be creative and spread some joy.  It has certainly kept us busy and entertained this half term break and without damaging the bank balance.

I hope everyone loves the concept as much we do and gets involved and has some fun.

Enjoy! x

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NHM Inspirational Mum (Oct 2017): Helen Hill

Thank you very much to everyone who nominated someone for this month’s “NHM Inspirational Mum”!!!

I wish that I had a physical prize that I could give to Helen for her award this month, but instead she’s just going to have to enjoy the kudos of being one of the first Inspirational Mum’s on NorthHantsMum.

Well done Helen and keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

If you would like to nominate someone for November’s award, please email me at before the end of October and include a couple of paragraphs as to why you are nominating this Mum. I will then let everyone know who will be the “Inspirational Mum” for November and people can email further comments before the announcement is officially made in the middle of November.

NHM Inspirational Mum (Oct 2017): Helen Hill

Helen Hill who runs Buggyfit: Basingstoke & Tadley

Inspiration Mum Nomination 1

Emma: I wanted to add another nomination for Helen as an inspirational mum for all her work with BuggyFit and Running Mummies.

I joined BuggyFit at the end of March this year when my baby boy Harrison was 5 months old. Helen was the only person I’d met post-baby to know so much about the physical damage and recovery after having a baby, and all the things I was doing wrong which was making things worse!

She was so supportive and factual about what I needed to do to exercise and recover safely, and not just physically but emotional support too. She then got me into her running group of mummies and helped offer free running sessions together with other new friends. This weekend she helped encourage other mums to go along to Park Run too

She’s an inspiration because of the amount of positive physical and mental support she offers us mums out of her own free time, whilst also balancing her own family

Inspiration Mum Nomination 2

Sarah: Helen is a really inspirational Mum. Her Buggyfit classes are super fun and geared towards getting your body back slowly and safely after birth. The exercises are all safe and scaled to your fitness level and the time after birth. She is a patient and kind teacher who always takes the time to correct my lack of coordination!

At classes Helen always finds a way to include any toddlers – she lets my 3 year old daughter join in the exercises or play with the bands, balls and cones. This really helps when you are stressed with two little ones.
More than just running the classes Helen has made Buggyfit a group with a social aspect to help us Mums have a chat and get advice and perspectives from other Mums. There are coffee stops after classes, charity walks and a really chatty WhatsApp group. She has built up a true network for local Mums……and I am really grateful for the support.
She is an inspirational Mum…..Thank you Helen.

Inspiration Mum Nomination 3

Maria: Helen Hill is definitely an inspiring mum! I first met Helen about 6 Months ago at my first Buggyfit class. As soon I arrived she made me feel welcome and her wealth of knowledge of post natal care/exercise/pelvic floor is impressive and reassuring that you know you are in good hands.

I love Helen’s classes from Buggyfit with the babies and the evening classes for just the mums.

Helen will bring her son along to some of the Buggyfit classes, he’s a lovely little boy, well loved and cheers us ladies on. And the odd occasion when her little boy is not so happy it’s good to see Helen as a mum, so she understands and knows the struggles of motherhood. And additionally there is no awkwardness or embarrassment if your baby acts up in the Buggyfit class.

Helen is a lovely lady , fantastic instructor and a credit to the mother and baby world.

She is definitely an inspiring mum in my eyes

Inspiration Mum Nomination 4

Hannah: I was lucky enough to meet Helen when our boys started at nursery together. No matter what she always had a smile on her face. We got talking and eventually got dragged me out running and explained her motivation was the abuse that had been shouted at her when running on the streets so she decided to set up Basingstoke Running Mummies to encourage people to buddy up and get fit.

As well as running this she was working 5 days a week, looking after a toddler and a teenager. I was impressed how well she coped with everything when may of us moan about working and parenting. When she came up with the plan to start teaching buggyfit she added on her health and fitness modules on top of everything she had going on. When she took the leap in December/January

I was so impressed that she decided to launch buggyfit at potentially the worst time of year with many not wanting to brave the elements especially with a small child in toe however her enthusiasm and passion won over women and week by week the numbers grew. Helen was never too shy to impart her wisdom on the ladies and give details explanations as to why she was doing what she was doing and how the body needed to repair.

Helen was never about calorie burning and quick results but repairing your body. Her approach was something I had never seen before. Even with the classes growing and locations spreading she still wanted to learn more as she didn’t feel she knew enough. From January to now her passion for learning and healing the female body astounds me. She truly wants to “fix” everyone she can.

The bravery she has shown in expanding her skill set, starting up circuits and boxercise as well as more tailored sessions in small groups focusing on core repair is amazing. Sometimes I wish she talked a little less about pelvic floor but her support and teaching as given me a new confidence which I may not have had before. I am truly lucky to have such a good friend and trainer. She is one in a million ❤

Inspiration Mum Nomination 5

Fiona: I nominated Helen as a local inspiring Mum for a number of reasons. I met Helen via the Facebook page you created for local Mums and babies when I was expecting my second child. We met up in person at the NCT coffee and chat sessions on a Friday and from there created a little group of Mums who had babies of a similar age.

While I don’t know her back story completely, I do know that she had her first child at a young age and fostered a second girl for a long period of time who is now back with her family. When she returned to work she struggled with juggling the needs of Oscar who has battled repeated bouts of illness with work; and as a result she felt pushed out of her role due to conflicting commitments.

With the desire to loose weight after Oscar she had already started up her own running group on FB following the couch to 5km training and saw the need for a ‘normal’ body size fitness coach. She trained herself up to offer a service as a Buggyfit instructor and now has over 100 clients who she coaches and inspires to be the best they can be.

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Bugsy Malone – October 2017

Local youngsters will be performing in the musical Bugsy Malone at Queen Mary’s College hall .

Thursday 26th October -7.30 pm

Friday 27th October – 7.30pm

Saturday 28th October -2.30pm and 7.30pm

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Review 2017: Arbonne Makeup Range

Thank you very much to the NHM secret reviewer who wrote today’s post!!!

Great review and I wish I’d had the time to agree to doing this one myself!!! lol.

Review 2017: Arbonne Makeup Range

When NorthHantsMum asked for a reviewer for makeup the ‘pre-mummy’ me woke up and jumped at the chance for a bit of pampering. I’d come across the Arbonne brand in the form of nappy cream which worked well when Big J was born so was very excited to try their make up range.

Natalie arrived at my house with a lovely bag of goodies and explained a bit about them all, luckily for my sleep deprived brain she also left me some information about them all.

I have to be totally honest and say I wasn’t sure how much time I’d have to apply makeup (or how often the Small J’s would let me) but I did manage to try it all out a few times and most days I used the makeup primer. It only took me 30 seconds to apply and as promised it made my skin feel smooth and look refreshed. Even if there was no time for anything else I could manage this daily.

I’ve always struggled to find foundation to match my pale skin but Natalie explained that Arbonne supplied the foundation for the Twilight movies, thankfully I’m not vampire pale and the Honey Beige perfecting liquid foundation suited me well and had the added benefit of SPF protection. It worked so well I didn’t even have the need to try the liquid concealer with it although when I used it on its own it did a good job of covering up how tired I am!

On the day of Small J’s christening I was able to steal a bit more me time and tested the setting pretty translucent loose powder out. It complemented the foundation well and when I went to remove my makeup that evening it was still there to remove despite running around all day. The bronzer, mascara and lipliner finished off my look and I felt ready for all the photos and live web broadcast of the christening!

The shea butter handcream was declared a winner by Mother in Law J and Mr J got involved testing one of Arbonnes nutrition range. Arriving home from work exhausted he knocked back a energy fizz stick and enjoyed the pomegranate flavour and felt that it was a good pick me up.

The Arbonne brand is dedicated to sustainability with their ‘Evergreen commitment’ which amongst other things includes providing cruelty free formulas, vegan certified and commitments to recycling, water conservation and carbon neutrality.

Natalie Hall can be contacted on 07909334102, at or via

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ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation with Marie Behenna

If you are expecting a baby and need help to mentally prepare, as well as take time to connect with your growing baby, or even have a fear of what type of labour awaits you, the ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation with Marie Behenna is now available to download for just £2.99.

This 13 minute affirmation and mediation piece is on the same shorter version taught in Marie’s Basingstoke classes and written in her book The FitMama™ Method (Souvenir Press 2912)

Marie Behenna has helped 1000’s of women in the run up to giving birth, with fitness classes, one to ones, and meditation.

Download Links:




CD Baby:

Follow this link to read about the live recording by producer Garry Webb of Prodbear:

Best wishes

Marie Behenna

Director : Studio 41 Fitness Ltd

Founder & Author: The FitMama™ Method

Tel:  01256 369 291

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Saints Foundation Football Soccer School – October 2017 Half Term

Details for the soccer school at Everest Community Academy that will run over October 2017 half term.

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World Doodle Day: 20th October 2017

World Doodle Day is being held on Friday 20th October from 1-4pm at Enham Trust in Andover.

The aims are to use creativity as a way to join businesses, charities and individuals and act as a leveler and Enham Trust is the nominated charity of the year.

Doodling in particular has been proven to support positive mental health strategies and World Doodle Day focuses on running this event so it coincides with World Mental Health Day as well as embrace difference and encourage community cohesion.

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Season Tickets to local attractions in North Hampshire – updated 2017

I’ve recently just invested in a Season ticket for a local attraction. I wanted somewhere that was near to Basingstoke, that we could just pop into after work or when my husband is at work on the weekend.

Paying for entry to attractions can be very expensive, but if you find somewhere that you like, and you know you will visit maybe once a month, it makes sense to invest in a Season ticket.

You also get discounts and extra perks with most Season tickets. I am planning to get a season ticket for a different place each year, so we don’t get bored of the same places.

This is an exceptionally long post. Sorry about that! It was really difficult to know what to include, so I’ve tried to include the key highlights and the costs. Hope you find it useful!

Updated September 2017

Wellington Country Park

Wellington Country Park Season Tickets

How long is it valid for?

Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Under 3’s go free.  

Not only do you receive ‘unlimited access’ to the Park but also a whole host of other benefits…

2017 Season Ticket Benefits

  • UNLIMITED ADMISSION to Wellington Country Park during normal opening hours
  • 3 FREE train ride vouchers for each Annual Pass holder, with all subsequent rides only £1.00 each
  • 5 FREE hot drink vouchers for Adult Annual Pass holders only
  • 3 FREE day passes for Adult Annual Pass holders only
  • FREE PARTICIPATION in all of their in-house events – excluding Christmas and additional ticketed events
  • MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER to keep you up to date of what takes place at the Park

Please note: Terms and Conditions do apply. For full details, please see ‘Terms and Conditions’ on their website.

How much does a Season Ticket cost?

2017 Prices  

Adult (16+) £74.00
Child (3-15)   £60.00
Children 2 and under FREE

Please Note: Don’t forgot that when your child turns 3 years old, they will need their own Annual Pass

Finkley Down Farm

Finkley Down Farm Season Ticket

An Annual Pass enables each person purchased free admission to the farm park for 1 Year from date of purchase. Ideal for a short visit even after school for a quick play on the playground or all day in the holidays.

Also if you purchase a pass before your child turns two they are free the duration of your pass.

There is also a Childminder’s annual pass, details can be found on their website.

Please note: Terms and Conditions apply.

Person Type Monthly Direct Debit (Online Only) One Off Payment
Family (4 persons) £24.00 £260.00
Adult £7.00 £75.00
Children 2 – 16 Years £6.00 £65.00
Children Under 2 Free Free
Senior Citizen £6.00 £65.00
Student Student ID Required £6.00 £65.00
Disabled + Unnamed Carer Disability Proof Required £6.00 £65.00

Beale Park

Beale Park Season

Season tickets will soon be available to purchase on-line. In the meantime, please read the options on how to buy a season pass below.  A season ticket to Beale Park is fantastic value, offering:

  • Access to the Park for one calendar year from the date of application.
  • 10 train rides during the course of your season ticket
  • Subscription to the Park’s electronic news updates

…and, by becoming a season ticket holder, you are actively supporting the conservation projects that Beale Park undertakes, as well as contributing towards the care of the animals.

It’s easy to join. Simply print out the form on the website and bring it with you to the Beale Park ticket office where, on payment, a photograph will be taken and your application processed, enabling your season ticket to be produced.

How much will it cost

Adult Season Ticket – £48  

Senior Citizens (60+) – £38.00  

Child Season Ticket – £34  

Registered Disabled + Carer – £48  

Family Season Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children) – £135  

Terms and Conditions apply

Bucklebury Farm

Bucklebury Farm Park Membership

Why not become a Farm & Deer Safari Park member and enjoy access to the farm and deer park throughout the 2017 season? An ideal opportunity for numerous short visits either after school, school holidays, rainy days, to visit the animals, go round the deer park on a tractor, safari or deer expedition, have a stroll or just for the children to let off steam!! All our park attractions are included in the price with the exception of special events. Joining costs you the equivalent of around £5 per month. Make six visits and then go FREE!

The membership includes a 10% discount on group party bookings for 2017. This can be used for birthday parties but also your children’s class (only one discount per class can apply!) at school – well worth mentioning to your children’s teacher. We also offer all season ticket holders a very special 20% discount in Woody’s for ten visits – great for breakfasts, family lunches or just coffee and cake with friends (excluding special event menus).

How much will it cost

Adults – £60

Children & OAPs – £54

Disabled/helpers – £46 each

Many Down Farm

Many Down Farm Season Tickets

Season tickets are valid for unlimited visits during all 4 2017 events. Easter lambing, May Half Term, Summer Maize Maze (Plus all weekends in September), & October Pumpkin Carving

Front Entrance Price Online Discount Price
Adult £37.50 £37.00
Child £37.50 £37.00
Senior Citizen £35.50 £35.00
Under 2’s £0.00 £0.00
Family Tickets Front Entrance Price Online Discount Price
Family of 2 Online Only £73.50
Family of 3 £107.50 £107.00
Family of 4 £137.50 £137.00
Family of 5 £167.50 £167.00
Family of 6 £197.50 £197.00

Terms and conditions apply. Details on entry.  

4 Kingdoms Adventure Park

4 Kingdoms Adventure Park Annual Pass

Enjoy their 12 Special Events through the Summer Season for the price of 6: Purchasing an annual pass costs less than the equivalent of 6 visits over a twelve month period.

You can visit 4 Kingdoms 7 days a week throughout the year: An annual pass runs for a full twelve months from the date of purchase.

“Try Before You Buy”: When you go to 4 kingdoms on any day and buy day tickets for you and your family, if you buy an annual ticket before you leave you will have your day ticket refunded (T&C’s Apply).

An Annual Pass gives you 10% off your child’s special birthday party event at 4 Kingdoms: Choose from any of their special themed birthday parties and get 10% off the price.

An Annual Pass gives you 10% off their magical Christmas Event: Join them for a magical Christmas family experience and get 10% off the ticket price.

Visit 6 times And Every Other Day Is FREE!

Single – £59.90

Family of 2 – £115.00

Family of 3 – £165.00

Family of 4 – £210.00

Family of 5 – £250.00


Birdworld Membership

If you are a regular visitor to Birdworld then why not become a Birdworld member. Their members enjoy many benefits including:

Unlimited Visits – As an Annual Pass holder, you can visit Birdworld as often as you like, be it for half-an-hour or a full day. Just show your pass with photo at the Information Desk on arrival, thereby avoiding any queues at Admissions on busy days.

E-Newsletters – Their regular newsletters will keep you up-to-date with happenings within the Park, so you’ll hear all about new arrivals amongst the birds, fish, reptiles and animals on the farm, seasonal activity in the Gardens, and generally be aware of what’s going on around Birdworld. You may opt to receive this via E-mail.

Annual Pass Holder Events – You can join their team for exclusive events at Birdworld, which are only available to our pass holders. This includes our annual supper evening, which you can enjoy at no extra cost.

Discounts & Special Offers – Annual Pass Holders are eligible for a 10% discount on any purchases from the Gift Shops (excl. foods), and 15% discount on Birdworld Birthday Parties. You will also receive special prices for our Santa’s Winter Wonderland. When buying your pass you will also receive a one off 10% voucher to use on many products at Forest Lodge Garden Centre.

If you are still not sure, then visit Birdworld for the day and they will be pleased to refund the cost of that ticket against the pass if you decide to join on the day.

Pass type 1 year
Adult £55.95
Child £46.95
Pre-School Child (3-6 years) £29.95
Disabled Child £35.95
Concession (Senior citizens, students and disabled adults) £46.95
Family: 2 Adults & 3 Children £185.00
Family: 1 Adult & 3 Children £135.00
2 Adults Joint pass £99.95
2 Concessions Joint pass £89.95
Carer £19.95

The Hawk Conservancy

Hawk Conservancy Membership

By becoming a member you can be an invaluable part of our mission while enjoying as many visits to the Hawk Conservancy Trust as you like – not to mention many other benefits throughout the year.

Participating Member:

As a Participating Member, you can visit the Trust as many times as you like in one year and support our important conservation work. You’ll also receive:

  • invitations to our exclusive Members’ Evenings;
  • discounted tickets for your guests;
  • three HawkTalk newsletters;
  • and our Annual Review.
Adult £55
Joint (couple) £105
Child £24
Family (two adults and two children) £140
Extra child on a family membership £18

Conservation membership and life membership are also available with additional benefits, details of which can be found on their website.

Terms and conditions apply to all membership packages.

Other Passes or Season Tickets

The Living Rainforest review on NHM (The standard admission price entitles the purchaser to an Annual Ticket, which allows free entry for one year, so keep your receipt!) NOTE: the prices have increased since the review and can be found on The Living Rainforest’s website.

National trust

Culture Trust Membership

Merlin Pass

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Review 2017: Buggys Magic Valeting Basingstoke


We have been very excited (and tired) in the J household. Small J has been upgraded to Big J with the arrival of his little sister. With that we found ourselves in need of a buggy with a ‘big brother seat’ for when he is too tired to go any further.

After a bit of online searching I came across a new local business ‘Buggy Magic Valeting Basingstoke.’ Run by Emma Lyons the company buys, makeovers and deep cleans buggies giving them some TLC and a new lease of life for their next owner.

You can also have your existing buggy cleaned thoroughly. I love recycling, reusing and upcycling and the idea that unwanted buggies are getting a new lease of life rather than landing in the rubbish dump makes me very happy.


Emma answered my Facebook enquiry very quickly and was able to send me photos of suitable buggys she had ready to go as well as descriptions of some more she was still getting ready. She helped me choose one that met my requirements, my only concern was Big J might be a bit tall for it. So the following day we went to give it a test run with Big J on board.

He was delighted with his big brother seat and Mother in Law J declared it easy to push. Emma gave us a full rundown of how to assemble it and all the different configurations the seating could be in and even loaded it in the boot for me to check it would fit.

We are very happy with our new wheels (for the time being it appears Big J’s legs are permanently ‘too tired!’) and will be returning to Emma after the winters mud to have it all cleaned off.

Buggy Magic Valeting Basingstokes available stock and current valeting price list can be viewed on the facebook page of the same name.

Emma can be contacted via the page for any enquiries.

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