Chineham Board Gamers

Mr NHM attends this group and thought that there might be some other Mum’s and Dad’s who would like to attend.

Plus, it’s a complete bargain at £3.50 for 5 hours fun!!!!

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Chineham Board Gamers

What is Chineham Board Gamers?

Chineham Board Gamers is a social group including people from all walks of life, from late teenagers to pensioners, singles and couples.

We gather at 6pm at Chineham Christ Church on the 2nd and last Saturday of the month to play board games.

Now I guess you have stopped reading, but board game does not mean Monopoly, Scrabble or Guess Who.

We have a wide variety of game for total beginners (Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan) to games that require strategy and you plan your moves several turns ahead.


We are a friendly group, sometimes a little rowdy, but we do like introducing new people to the board gaming world.

Why I started Chineham Board Gamers?

We started as a small group playing games at each other’s houses, but after a while you get to know how people play and you lose part of the fun.

There was nothing in the area so with a little help from my Lovely wife, I rented a room and invited people round.

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The first six months the group ran with six people and also a loss as I had to pay for the room. Three years later and we have 50 members with 20 to 25 people attending a night.

I am amazed at how the group has grown, I have several people who I can trust to run the evening without me and we are still getting new people through the door to find out what we do.

The club meets on the second and the last Saturday of the month from 6pm to 11pm at Chineham Christ Church.

They also have a facebook page:

So if you are interested in finding out more please contact me at for more details or just turn up at Chineham Christ Church, Reading Road, Basingstoke.

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