NHM Reader Recommendations: Tips for Staying Cool

I recently asked the NHM Community “Given the glorious weather that we are having, what are your top tips for staying cool and/or places to go that are baby/children friendly and has fierce air con?” Thank you for all your replies, listed below:

NHM Reader’s recommendations for staying cool

Wendy said “M&S food hall!”

Kelly said “Supermarket freezer aisle is where I will be this lunchtime lol”

Rebecca said “I go back to work today and my office has fierce air con (and no windows so I won’t even see the sun)!”

Stephany said “Air con is not mega healthy. Stay in the shade with a breeze. I have lived in Asia and the Middle East and allowing your body to regulate to air temp is much better for you. Avoid extreme temps.”

LK said “Only one answer – ice lollies”

Steph said “Waitrose! Aircon in there is fab and you can have some cake in the cafe”

Catherine said “you could be stuck in an office working with freezing aircon wishing you could pick up from school and run to a splash park and enjoy the weather!”

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