Caterpillar Music Expansion! Newbury and Winchester

Hi! I’m Jaz and I set up Caterpillar Music in Basingstoke in 2012. Our weekly music, movement and sensory classes got so popular that the 2 that I started with quickly grew to 6, then 10 and now we’re at a fabulous 24 weekly classes, many with waiting lists. I found I could no longer run sessions as just little old me, so now we are a team of 5!

Nicky was one of my class leaders that started with me back in 2016. I mentioned to her that I’d love to expand and go even further than where I was (Basingstoke, Bramley and Tadley). After her laughing and saying I do enough (she is actually right- doing this and taking care of my 3 little ones…! but I do love it!!) She said she’d love to come on board and wondered if we could do it together. We get on so well and also have a great working relationship. So we decided to go for it!! We are currently in the process of expanding.

We are setting up our superb classes to Winchester and Newbury and are launching this September.

For those of you that haven’t come to Caterpillar Music let me give you a little idea of what we do… each unique session will include a variety of amazing puppets, instruments, bubbles, parachutes, light shows, sensory equipment and much more. Each week is a new adventure. We could be diving under the sea one week and going to the circus the next.

We currently have over 300 Mums that come each 1/2 term and we often have families stay with us right from their little ones being tiny until they start preschool and even school.

One of the most precious things is to see a little one clap for the first time, or crawl to the puppet bag. We’ve had lots of “firsts” at class and it’s so lovely to be part of the journey that childhood is. We also work really hard on ensuring our classes are relaxed and comfortable for parents and carers and to help everyone feel welcome and “at home”.

We are SO excited for this new journey we are on to bring our sessions to new families. We will be launching in South Wonston, Winchester, Kingsclere and Thatcham to begin with. Once we’ve conquered those areas, no doubt we’ll be opening elsewhere too!

If you have friends or family or you’d like to come along to our new classes please do find us. We’re on Facebook: 

Jaz & Nicky xx

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