NHM Readers Recommend: Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

An NHM Reader recently asked “I’m looking for a sunscreen recommendation. It needs to be suitable for the face, sensitive skin. Ideally non greasy, non clogging and not full of chemicals. I don’t like it to feel sticky or slimy and if there is such a thing as a matt one that would be amazing. What do you use on your faces ladies?”

Thank you to the NHM Community for all your responses, listed below in no particular order:

NHM Readers recommend sunscreen for sensitive skin

Wendy said “General rule for Sun cream, the ones that are nice to put on are not nice for children’s skin. Mineral ones are better for sensitive skin and you need to patch test each year as skin changes. Also factor 30 is better for sensitive skin, offers almost the same protection but doesn’t clog the skin up the way 50 does.”

Childs Farm Suncream:

Emma said “I use the new Childs Farm suncream on my baby and I tested it myself and it’s brilliant. All natural ingredients, approved for use of sensitive skin & eczema sufferers and as a bonus is made in Sherborne St. John so it’s a local business!


Jo asked “How many stars does it have with regards to uva and uvb protection?”

Emma replied “Jo, just went on their Facebook page and found this in the comments…

“Childs Farm: Hi Rachel, sunburn is caused by UVB rays, so the level of UVA protection won’t defend against sunburn. However UVA 3* is a high level and meets the EU requirements on sun protection. The SPF reading shows you the level of protection against UVB rays. Our sun care range is SPF 50+, however in testing it came out as SPF 71 – this is very high protection against UVB rays, which are the cause of sun burn. We hope that helps”

“Childs Farm: Hi Lisa, the UVA star rating system was developed by Boots, it is not an EU requirement to have a UVA star rating. Our UVA star rating according to the Boots system is 3 which a good level of protection and meets the EU requirements for UVA protection – this is displayed on the back of the packaging as a symbol with UVA printed in a circle. As far as we know, all sunscreens that are suitable for sensitive and also eczema-prone skin have achieved a 3* rating, as it is has not been possible to achieve a 5* rating using ingredients that are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Hope that helps””

Vicky asked “Emma, can I ask if the Child’s Farm was greasy on looking / feeling at all on your face? I used a Piz Buin one specifically for the face on Saturday and within a couple of hours my eyes felt like they were on fire!!”

Emma replied “Vicky, I haven’t found it greasy. It sinks in really quickly and feels more like a moisturiser than a suncream to me. But I think it’s one of those things – everyone’s skin is different”

Herbalife nutrition:

Leah said “I work with herbalife nutrition and we have a big skincare range. Within this range is spf30 cream. I use this on all of us, incl the kids. It smells nice, is not greasy & kind to sensitive skin”


Colleen said “We’ve used Sunsense in the past. Very good and non-greasy, and the roller-ball is great for application. However, it’s quite pricey so we’re trying the Aldi Extra Sensitive one, no reactions so far but am keeping a close eye.


They seem to have updated the packaging since we bought it – now indicates that it has 5* UVA, which I was never sure about.”

Neals Yard

Zoe said “Neals yard do a nice one. It takes a little while to absorb but doesn’t irritate my skin or slip into my eyes.”


Christa replied “I use this one too, like Zoe, It’s lovely and light, Organic and smells beautiful.”

Soltan – Boots

Rachael said “Soltan from boots it’s 5 star for uva protection and really nice to wear”

Libby said “We use boots soltan once because it provides 8 hours of protection so covers the school day. It is thick but it needs to last!”

Wendy replied “And it doesn’t sting sensitive skin”

Ruza “So my understanding is from a dermatology perspective factor 30 is the maximum you should be using. Factor 50 does not allow the skin to breathe, clogs up pores, it can cause the skin to overheat and doesn’t allow for any natural skin defense to occur. I use boots factor 30 once (kids) for myself as well as my son. I can wear it on the face, but my son really doesn’t like it, so he has a big wide-brimmed hat, that shields the face.”


Sarah said “We use Ultrasun as my daughter has eczema and can’t use suncream with perfume/chemicals in and the Ultrasun is ideal for sensitive skin. It is not greasy at all, but is a bit pricey at about £20 for 100ml but is worth it.


Charlotte relied “We use this!”

The Green People:

Alison said “I use the Green People suncream on the kids and they have a great adults face suncream spf30 which is brilliant and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Not the cheapest tho ….”

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