It’s time to get those slow cookers out!

There is definitely a chill in the air in the evenings now, so it feels like it must be the start of “slow cooker season”. Yay!

As I’ve mentioned before, I use our slow cookers all year round but they really come into their own in August.

Those of you who have been reading NorthHantsMum for a while, will know how much I LOVE our slow cookers and how useful they are to cook healthy and cheap meals for my family.

Over the past few years I’ve put together a list of slow cooker recipes that I use regularly and have emailed them out to readers.

I’ve now taken this a step further and consolidated them into a “booklet”.

If you would like a copy of my slow cooker recipe booklet, which is great for someone who is starting out with using their slow cooker, please email me at

However, please remember that NHM is my hobby, so it might take me a while to email it across to you.

Hope you find your slow cookers and the booklet useful!

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