A Summary of NHM posts that will be useful for YR starters in Sept 2016

Below is a list of posts that might be useful to you if you have a little one starting school in September.

I haven’t written a post for a while about our experience of school. That’s because we haven’t had a particularly good experience with the school that Miss NHM is currently in.

I am trying to put together a post about this, but I am delighted to say that despite all of the issues that Mr NHM and I have with the school, Miss NHM still absolutely loves going to school.

A Summary of NHM posts that will be useful for YR starters in Sept 2016

Top Tip: Clarks Shoe Fitting Service – Online Appointment Booking!

It is ESSENTIAL to book any shoe fitting appointments in August because any shoe shop that sells children’s school shoes will be rammed. It’s enough of a stressful experience, without having to wait for an hour for a fitting!

Skoolkits in town does 10% off school uniform for a week in July, before the summer holidays start, so if you have the cash funds, buy all of your logo’d stuff then.

Also double check whether your new school has a second hand clothing sale. Ours does one on a regular basis and although I’m always at work when it is on, it’s on my list of things to check out at some point. You can save a fortune this way.

Will your “baby” start school in September 2015?

Starting School – did you know?

My experience: Starting school – three months before September start date

My experience: Starting School – the night before…

My Experience: Our first few weeks of school…

My Experience: Things I have learnt since Miss NHM started school…

My Experience: Our first three months of YR (Reception Year)

Cheaper School Uniform Campaign….

Homeschooling in Basingstoke and North Hampshire

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