Will your “baby” start school in September 2015?

Mine does. EEEEEKKKK!!!!!

How did that happen!?!?!?!

Ok, so rather than write a very long post about how I’m still in shock that Miss NHM could possibly be big enough to start school next year, instead I’m going to share what I’ve learnt about the process so far…

2015 School Starters

I was expecting a letter or something through from the council, but so far I’ve just been given a small leaflet by Miss NHM’s nursery.

I was expecting something a bit more official than this, and what about all those children who don’t go to nursery?

Who is going to advise them that they need to apply for school places? Hence this post…

I’ve also come to the conclusion that the lack of letter is because it’s in the interest of the council for us NOT to know what we are doing. This way, there won’t be quite the bun fight for school places that there would be if everyone knew what to do!

Application Dates

The application process opens on 1st November and closes on  Thursday 15th  January.

You need to apply for your place during this time.


Check Admissions Policy

The first thing you will probably want to do is check Hampshire County Council Admissions policy.

This covers things related to siblings at school, ability and catchment areas. You can do this here:  http://www3.hants.gov.uk/admissions

Find Schools

You then want to identify which schools you are interested in. You can do this here: http://schoolsfinder.direct.gov.uk/

Find websites for schools

I would then find the websites for the schools you are interested in and check when their open days are. It is recommended that you visit the school so you can get a real feel of what they are like.

A couple of schools have their open days in the evening (HALLELUIAH for us working parents!!!) but most seem to have their open days during school time.

It seems that some of the open days you can take your little one too and some you can’t, so probably best to check with each school first.


If you need any help with the application process you can visit any Hampshire infant or primary school, or a Children’s Centre or you can call 0845 603 5623.

Notification Date

The national notification date will be Thursday 16 April 2015.

Hampshire County Council recommend  that “Parents who apply online will be able to log back into the online system to learn the outcome of their application from 16 April”.

You won’t be the only one sat in front of your computer that morning clicking refresh too! lol.

Good luck and fingers crossed we all get the school of our choice on 16th April!!!!

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