Things to do w/c 1st September 2015 (and I’m very blessed!)

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. We had a bit of a family “crisis” over the weekend.

My Mother In Law decided that Sunday was the best day to tell Mr NHM that she has terminal cancer (I have permission to tell you this!). She’s known for three weeks but decided the best time to tell him would be in the middle of his three days of Night Shift.

My In Law’s relocated “up north” last year so Mr NHM phoned work, explained the circumstances and we were packed within an hour and on the M1 within three hours of her call. I’m very grateful that we could drop everything and go at a moments notice.

I am utterly exhausted. It was a very long drive, there and back and it’s been an emotionally charged couple of days. My Mother In Law may have months and she may have years to live, we just don’t know. With Miss NHM starting school next week this was the best time to go up as we have the week off work because it’s a round number birthday for me.

Thank you VERY much to everyone who has sent me birthday wishes. It’s been absolutely wonderful to receive all of your lovely messages. It’s not exactly been the day I had hoped or planned for, but I have SO much to be thankful for and am sooo grateful for all of your support. An extra special thank you to everyone who contributed to my “wish tree”. It’s absolutely perfect and makes me well up every time I look at it!!!


Like a fine wine, I’m getting better with age, and I have a feeling that things are only going to get better. Thank you to all you who are part of my journey. Big hugs to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck also to all those parents and children who start school tomorrow. Where did the summer holidays go? They flew past at the speed of light! Miss NHM starts school on Monday. I’m completely in denial ;-).

Things to do w/c 2nd September 2015

Tuesday 1st September: MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Mwahahahahahaha :-D.

Wednesday 2nd September: Storytime at South Ham Library10 – 10:30am

Thursday 3rd September: Pebbles Baby & Toddler Group 1.30-3.00pm, Salvation Army Hall Tadley

Friday 4th September: Storytimeat Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Saturday 5th September: Children’s Saturday Craft South Ham LibraryPaper Cup Blue Whale

Sunday 6th September: Jellybabies Swimming, 9am-12pm, Tadley Swimming Pool, New Road, Tadley RG26 3LA

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