The technology I use: Todoist

I have a new addiction: Todoist

I’ve been using Remember the Milk for a number of years and been fairly happy with it but it’s not as intuitive as I would like and there are a few things that always felt a bit “clunky”.

Todoist does everything Remember the Milk does and MORE!

It is absolutely AWESOME! (I don’t use those words lightly in this context!)

If you like making lists, I TOTALLY recommend using it. I love the reminders and pop up alerts that it sends me and I’m already feeling more productive as a result of using this app for a week!

I’m using it as reminders for House Stuff, Family Stuff, NHM Stuff, my part time job and LOADS more. I’m also using it as a place to store my lists that I don’t need reminding off, so I have them to hand all in one place.

You basically create projects and then you can add tasks into projects, create repeats and there are four different types of priority you can use which are a lot more flexible than on Remember the Milk.

If you pay to upgrade, £18 on your PC, £21 on your ipad (so sign up on your PC if you choose to do this!) you can also add Labels which allow you to group tasks and Filters which I haven’t quite worked out what to do with yet. You can also choose pretty colours for your projects.

You can even sync it with your email, again something that I’ve yet to investigate.

It sync’s it to all your technology, you just need to download the free app and you can link up with other people and get Todoist to email them at a specific time. AWESOME! (Mr NHM hasn’t started shouting at me about this quite yet 😀.)

Let me know if you use Todoist and whether you love it just as much as me!

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