The technology that I use: Remember the Milk

This post is in the series that I mentioned a week or two ago, about the Technology that I use.

The Simple Dollar is one of my favourite blogs and I found out about RTM via Trent’s blog post HERE.

RTM allows you to create a reminder, add a date and time, assign a priority, allocate the reminder to a list or a tag and to create repeats of the reminder.

I tried using the free version of RTM but it frustrated me that you had to wait 24 hours before you could sync again. This was a real pain when using multiple platforms like iPad, mobile and computer. It could be three days out of date if I didn’t time things right, so I paid to upgrade to real time sync that’s immediate between all apps. It’s revolutionised my organising!

I seem to remember most things when I’m driving and unable to take notes. We are very lucky to have a car that has hands free calling, so I now leave my self a Voicemail and add it into RTM when I can.

I add EVERYTHING I need to remember to RTM. It is, literally, my portable brain.

I mainly use the lists to organise my reminders. The subjects for the lists that I use are:

Goals (for the next five years)
House stuff
Purpose and principles
Vision (next 10 to 15 years)
My business folder

You can also use tags but I find this just complicates things for me.

Every time I need to remember something, I add it into RTM and assign it to a list and to a date. I never have to remember it again. It’s in my mobile, computer and iPad.

House stuff list
I use this list for all the day to day stuff like, ‘de-flea the cats’, ‘renew house insurance policy’ and cut ‘Miss NHM’s finger nails’ (every two weeks ;-)). It’s all sorted by priority and if something needs to be moved up in priority I can just change the priority.

I use this list to remind me of things that are family related or what we want to do sptogether as a family, e.g. ‘Take Miss NHM swimming at QMC’, ‘Message my Godmother’ and ‘Shave Mr NHM’s head’ (!!! Every 8 weeks if you are interested! Lol)

Purpose and Principles and Vision 
I stole most of these from the original post in the Simple Dollar but for the Vision one I’ve added things like “fly in a helicopter”,  ‘be an extra in a film’ and ‘go cycling in Japan’.

Several of my friends have commented about how I’m good at keeping in touch with people. I totally cheat and get RTM to remind me!

I have reminders set, for example, to contact some friends every month, or phone long distance friends every two months or arrange to meet up with someone.

I also have a reminder to share my photos on Dropbox regularly with my friends as I like to take pictures of my friends and found that if I didn’t have a reminder I forgot about them.

I use this list exclusively for NHM Reminders, such as get new business cards printed, fireworks night post, contact someone about a guest post.

My Part Time Business
I use this list exclusively for reminders for my part time business.


I also have a list which is just for Me as I find that I tend to lose some of what I want out of life and this helps me remember. It’s also really helped with keeping me on track for my targets and goals in life.

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