Things to do on a wet bank holiday! (When you don’t want to spend any money!)

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We are having a Pyjama day today, as the weather is so wet, and Mr NHM has very kindly allowed me 20 minutes to put this post together.

Then I am switching the computer off for the day and will be back online tonight, once Miss NHM has gone to bed!

Things to do on a wet bank holiday!

1. Have a pyjama day

This is what we are doing today. It feels very decadent as I never really had pyjama days before Miss NHM was born!

This afternoon I will probably make some popcorn and we will sit and watch a movie as a family.

2. Indoor games

Making Gloop

Dry food play

Coloured Spaghetti

A Toddler Box of Tricks: Things To Always Have On Hand With A Toddler Or Two

3. Play some board games

We have lots of board games in our house because Mr NHM is a bit of a geek :-D.

Now that Miss NHM is nearly three and a half she’s getting a lot more into board games.

Miss NHM’s favourites are mostly by Orchard Toys or Haba:

Shopping List

The Game of Ladybirds

Old McDonald Lotto (Thanks Pauline!!! :-D)

Fiery Dragons

Tantrix (Mr NHM bought this for a fraction of this price from a local charity shop)

4. Build an indoor obstacle course

We picked up a small tent from a local children’s market and Miss NHM loves filling this with the plastic balls that we originally bought for her to play with in a plastic swimming pool.

We also bought a Busa play tunnel from Ikea and we put out my washing baskets (which probably won’t survive much longer! lol) and use these with the balls and the obstacle course too.

5. Indoor picnic with toys

Miss NHM has lots of wooden toy food as I’m addicted to it <blush>. It’s about the only thing that I will regularly buy for her as I’m a mean Mummy! lol.

She loves it when we all sit around as a family and she feeds us and her toys.

6. Baking

Miss NHM and I have been baking together since she was about one years old. It does require a lot of patience to cook with a baby or toddler.

However, I can confirm that it gets easier. Just don’t clean the kitchen first ;-).

We picked up a really good Annabel Karmel cookbook from a local charity shop which we use all the time and I have some brilliant Usborne books from my childhood which we also use for inspiration.

7. Junk modelling

Whatever you have in your recycling bin can used for this. Miss NHM loves doing this as she gets to make a lot of mess! lol.

8. Treasure baskets

Read more about treasure baskets HERE.

9. Colouring and/or painting

Get all of the colouring and painting materials out and see what you can come up with

10. Get out ALL of your children’s toys

Mr NHM and Miss NHM are currently doing this down stairs! lol.

It’s a great way to show your child how to put things away too. And to discover bits of toys that you’d lost!

11. Make a city from all of the relevant toys your child has

We do this a LOT. We have lots of Playmobil 123 and original Playmobil which is great for this.

12. Read lots of books

Rainy days are perfect days for doing lots of reading. Miss NHM loves nothing more than throwing a book at me and demanding “Read it”, but it’s worth it as she cuddles into my lap for ages!

13. Put on an audio book

If you have read too many books, an audio book could work or some classical music. We do this sometimes when Miss NHM is having quiet time after lunch.

14. Go puddle jumping

I’ve mentioned before about how much Miss NHM loves puddle jumping. We will probably do this, this afternoon, after we’ve had lunch and watched a movie and to get some fresh air.

Looks like it might be time to get the galoshes out! lol.

Whatever you end up doing today, I hope you have fun!!!

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