The technology that I use: Trello

I became addicted to Trello about a year ago because of this post HERE.

I found that it’s best to initially set up on a computer and then make changes via iPad or mobile.

Now I know you will all judge me massively after this post and I wouldn’t blame you at all! Lol.

You could say it’s the perk of not having a TV and having a husband who works on shift, what else can I do in the evenings when Miss NHM is asleep! Lol.



  • Family 2014
  • House Maintenance – Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn, Regular house tasks, Regular things to do
  • Miss NHM – To do, Doing, Goals (next 5 years ), Vision (next 10 – 15 years)
  • Money
  • Family goals
  • Mr NHM
  • Us


  • My goals for 2014
  • Fun and inspiration
  • My life goals
  • Career
  • My bucket list
  • My Things to do list – I manage this better in remember the milk, but I like the way it can be viewed on a list all at the same time in Trello
  • Achievements
  • Things to do daily

Reference Boards

  • Holidays – this has a list of places we would like to visit for a weekend, a week, a month and a year (we want to travel for a year with Miss NHM before she gets to 10 years old)
  • Birthdays – list for each month and a list for presents at the beginning of this board
  • Christmas
  • Date Night
  • Days at home alone with Miss NHM (Ideas of things to do together)
  • Family Days out
  • Dinner out
  • Entertaining 2014
  • Friends – friends, aquaintances and people I need to stay in touch with.
  • Food – lists of types of food by fruit, vegetable, meat, grain and fish (to ensure we get lots of diversity in our diet)
  • Packing (holidays) – has lists for camping packing, weekend packing, week packing, hot holidays and work packing.


  • 2015 by month
  • 2016 to 2018
  • 2018 to 2022
  • 2022 to 2030

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