Basing Tutor’s

For this week’s Guest Post I am making an exception and including a Guest post that will be relevant to older children.

I believe that it’s important that children have the right educational support when, and if, they need it.

Basing Tutor’s

Louise has very kindly given me an opportunity to introduce Basing Tutors to you all.

You will have seen much discussion and comment on Private Tuition in recent months and as someone who has been tutoring for fifteen years I have been surprised at the attention it is currently receiving and any suggestion that it is something new.

I, and my small team of Tutors, have been working with local children of all ages for many years responding to needs ranging from assistance with early literacy and numeracy, SATs, independant school entrance exams, GSCE’s and on to A’ levels.

Basing Tutors provides local tutors for local people. We are a specialist service providing tuition in a range of subjects for all ages.

We are based in Old Basing and focus on an area in a 10 mile radius of Basingstoke. People like the fact that we are local, caring and professional.

Subjects taught include English, Maths, Science, French, Spanish, German, History, Psychology, English as a Second Language and many more. Age from 5 yrs to Adult.

Basing Tutors aim is to keep our tutoring service personal and local. This means that we can get to know our tutors and our clients and build a reputation for real quality and service.

One to one tuition is specifically designed for each pupil and:

  • Supports school work
  • Offers SATS booster sessions
  • Works at the pupil’s pace
  • Will accelerate progress
  • Puts the pupil at the centre of the learning
  • Increases self esteem and confidence
  • Makes learning fun
  • Gets results

As reading is an essential skill, Basing Tutors also has a specialist Reading Therapist with years of experience using our unique Sounds Good Reading Program to get children reading.

Our experience shows us that, once they are reading well, they excel in all the other subjects too. A comprehensive diagnostic reading and comprehension assessment will help you make an informed decision about your child’s reading.

Learning must be fun and fun is at the heart of what we do at Basing Tutors. It is our job to find a way to help your child in a learning style that suits your child.

The benefits of face-to-face tuition on a one-to-one basis have been proven in studies time and time again.

Tuition is personal, focused and targeted to meet the individual needs of the student. The objectives of each Basing Tutor are set by the specific needs of each individual learner.

When you contact us, we will have a chat about your needs so that we can assign the perfect tutor for you.

The tutor will call you to arrange a meeting before you decide to go ahead. This meeting is free of charge as it is important to us that everyone is happy.

Email us on or call Jan on 01256-470948

Read what others say about us and meet us on

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