Event: NHM Summer Picnic (12th July)

I’m hosting a VERY informal NHM Meet up on Saturday 12th July from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

Basically, I will be there with Miss NHM, a picnic blanket, some picnic food and a football.

This will be a chance to meet other NHM Readers and an opportunity to make some new friends.

If you would like to come along, it would be great if you could register at the following Eventbrite link HERE, so I have some idea of numbers.

This isn’t a formal thing, it’s just a group of families meeting up for a catch up ;-).

I hope you can make it! 😀

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Basing Tutor’s

For this week’s Guest Post I am making an exception and including a Guest post that will be relevant to older children.

I believe that it’s important that children have the right educational support when, and if, they need it.

Basing Tutor’s

Louise has very kindly given me an opportunity to introduce Basing Tutors to you all.

You will have seen much discussion and comment on Private Tuition in recent months and as someone who has been tutoring for fifteen years I have been surprised at the attention it is currently receiving and any suggestion that it is something new.

I, and my small team of Tutors, have been working with local children of all ages for many years responding to needs ranging from assistance with early literacy and numeracy, SATs, independant school entrance exams, GSCE’s and on to A’ levels.

Basing Tutors provides local tutors for local people. We are a specialist service providing tuition in a range of subjects for all ages.

We are based in Old Basing and focus on an area in a 10 mile radius of Basingstoke. People like the fact that we are local, caring and professional.

Subjects taught include English, Maths, Science, French, Spanish, German, History, Psychology, English as a Second Language and many more. Age from 5 yrs to Adult.

Basing Tutors aim is to keep our tutoring service personal and local. This means that we can get to know our tutors and our clients and build a reputation for real quality and service.

One to one tuition is specifically designed for each pupil and:

  • Supports school work
  • Offers SATS booster sessions
  • Works at the pupil’s pace
  • Will accelerate progress
  • Puts the pupil at the centre of the learning
  • Increases self esteem and confidence
  • Makes learning fun
  • Gets results

As reading is an essential skill, Basing Tutors also has a specialist Reading Therapist with years of experience using our unique Sounds Good Reading Program to get children reading.

Our experience shows us that, once they are reading well, they excel in all the other subjects too. A comprehensive diagnostic reading and comprehension assessment will help you make an informed decision about your child’s reading.

Learning must be fun and fun is at the heart of what we do at Basing Tutors. It is our job to find a way to help your child in a learning style that suits your child.

The benefits of face-to-face tuition on a one-to-one basis have been proven in studies time and time again.

Tuition is personal, focused and targeted to meet the individual needs of the student. The objectives of each Basing Tutor are set by the specific needs of each individual learner.

When you contact us, we will have a chat about your needs so that we can assign the perfect tutor for you.

The tutor will call you to arrange a meeting before you decide to go ahead. This meeting is free of charge as it is important to us that everyone is happy.

Email us on admin@basingtutors.com or call Jan on 01256-470948

Read what others say about us and meet us on www.basingtutors.com

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A summer of sport IV: Cricket

I’m loving the series “A summer of Sport” by Peta. I had no idea that all of this was available in the area!

For more of Peta’s posts, please have a look at her blog: http://minrva.blogspot.co.uk/


England is hosting Australia this year in the 67th battle for the Ashes.

Britain can boast a number of recent sporting triumphs; a massive medal haul in the 2012 Olympic Games, great success in cycling, tennis, horse racing, and car and motorcycle racing, to name but a few.  But will cricket be another happy hunting ground for British sport?

Right from the start of Ashes cricket, Australia was dominated by the mother country. There were a few short periods of Aussie greatness, but history is clear about which country was consistently playing superior cricket.

In the 1990s things started to go horribly wrong for England; England started losing and Australia started dominating. By the late 1990s England’s oldest cricket foe had secured the greater number of Ashes series wins, and this made millions of Australians, including myself, very, very happy. (We do take our sport seriously.)  This was a glorious period for Australian cricket and we set about building on our lead, and build we did… Until the 2010/11 Ashes series. For the first time in 24 years England won an Ashes series on Australian soil. With only one series win in the last decade Australia is clinging to a 31:30 lead, and I bet England are keen to finally even-up the tally.

On the other hand, Aussie pride is a fierce animal, and sport is a serious matter. When threatened with the possibility of a mediocre result or even, God forbid it, failure, Aussies are capable of producing inspired results. This might just be where Shane Warne’s ‘ball of the century’ originated, that or it was just one of many episodes in our glorious period of cricket. Maybe Aussie pride sparked Ashton Agar’s enormous run haul (for a number eleven batsman) just a few weeks ago, in an effort to save the test for the Australians?

I recall learning of my grandfather’s cricketing prowess some years back. The local Masters picked their team and country (Australia or England); their selections were final and permanent. My grandfather was England captain and like Misses and Masters today, he acted out the achievements of the sporting heroes of the day. But this was during the bodyline series; my grandfather ‘was’ Douglas Jardine. I am proud of his selection to a such senior position and his being (nick)named for such a strong character, but I am not so sure about the whole bodyline business…

England hold a 2-0 lead going into the third test starting tomorrow (1 August) at Old Trafford, but I suspect play will not be as one-sided as the scorecard suggests. Whatever remains for Ashes series 2013, my hope is that this oldest of rivalries continues to inspire Misses and Masters in England and Australia to pick up a cricket bat and play. Play in the garden, play at the beach, play anywhere. Just get out there and play.

Feeling inspired?

If you would like to make your cricket playing a little more formal there are a number of local clubs to investigate. To name just a few that encourage cricket for all ages and abilities (in alphabetical order): Basingstoke & North Hants CC, Oakley CC, Old Basing CC.

Review 2013: Basing Lime Pits


Basing Lime Pits

Redbridge Ln, Old Basing, Hampshire RG21 4 ‎

We went to Basing Lime pits a few weekends ago, early on a Sunday morning. We had most of the place to ourselves. I did see a fox though, so that was exciting!


There are four different areas in Basing Lime Pits. The main area is the play park, which has two different types of swings, a couple of climbing frames and a massive slide, which my little one loved! Behind the park is also a red rope climbing frame (like the one in Eastrop park) and there are two BBQ’s and lots of picnic tables. There is also a big hill you can walk up or walk around.


The second area is my favourite, which is towards the back of the park. There is a train climbing frame with one carriage that you can sit in!!! I love this little train. It’s so cute and my little one loved climbing into it and then sitting on all of the different seats in the carriage. If you walk under the bridged (that you can also walk across) there is a slide behind, and we spent a long time playing on this too.


The third area is the “natural” amiptheatre, which is a hollowed out area with a huge hill behind it. We wondered around this and my little one loved running across it. It would be great to see a play here!


The fourth area is in between the two car parks and is a grassy area with press up/push up bars, etc. This would be a lovely area for a picnic, as it’s quite shaded and there are a couple of picnic benches. The top of the very large slide can be accessed from here and you can walk back to main car park from here.


We spent an hour and a half exploring and had a lovely time wandering around and using the big slide a LOT! lol.



Not available but there are some lovely areas to sit and have a picnic.


There aren’t any facilities at Basing Lime Pits. However, there are enough bushes if your little one’s are caught short!

Baby Facilities

I don’t think anyone minds people changing nappies in a park!!! lol.


Is free! But the car park isn’t very well tarmacked, so it can be a bit bumpy going in . There are about 10 car park spaces in the first car park and then 10 car park spaces in the main car park. However, there is space to park on the road if needed.

Be aware, if you are heading to Basing Lime Pits from Old Basing, there is a blind bridge, so you need to be very careful and go very slowly as the road on the bridge is very narrow and you can’t see any oncoming traffic.




Rating out of 4.7 out of 5

There is a lot of litter on the entrance way and the car park could be better paved.

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