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Linzi has been a long time supporter of NHM so I was delighted when she contacted me to ask if she could do a Guest Post on NHM. Here is her post…

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Welcome to MLB Photographic!

My name is Linzi Wherry and I set up MLB Photographic ( MuchLovedBabe ) about 5 years ago.  I wanted to do something special work wise after having my three children Jessica (9), Ben (8) and Thomas(6) and not have to be stuck in an office working for someone else.

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Since the beginning I have enjoyed the ups and downs of being my own boss…. and as with all new business ventures there are usually teething problems.

I have worked my way these to where I am now by hard work and determination ( and of course with the help and support of my husband and customers, without whom my work would not be )

2013-07-06T11_22_09-canon eos 7dNORTHHANTSMUM

So whether you are looking for a Wedding, Maternity, Newborn or Family photographer I’m here to help you achieve those special memories that you will treasure forever !

My studio is in my home, therefore it allows me to provide a very personal experience – friendly, private, and fantastic for all kids of all ages…. even the shy one’s and the very new little tiny one’s….

2013-06-05T11_46_52-canon eos 7dNORTHHANTSMUM

As I said above I have three lovely children who are all at school come now.

I am therefore, lucky enough to be able to open on a daily basis by appointment only, between the hours of 10.30 and 2pm for sittings and 9.30 – 6pm for booking customers in.

I am  even open at weekend’s for those family shots when everyone can participate in the fun!  So please get in contact soon!

My website has the details of all the services I offer.

Thank you so much for reading my article, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Thanks for your support Linzi! I hope you get lots of follow up from your Guest Post!


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