A Summer Sport I: Tennis

I’m very excited to announce that Peta is going to be covering the Guest Post Wednesday slots during the summer holidays. Peta is a Mum of two who has recently relocated to the Hampshire countryside from central London. In one of her first posts she says: “By passing on bits & bobs, tips & hints, and a handful of anecdotes of life as I know it, I hope that you can benefit from (or at least have a giggle at) things I have learnt.”

I’ve been reading Peta’s blog since the beginning and have picked up some great tips from several of her posts. Today’s post is focused on Summer Sport and ties in nicely with Wimbledon this week. If you would like to see more of Peta’s posts, please check out her blog here:


Summer Sport

It is that time of year when tennis courts up and down the counties of Great Britain are filled with tennis racquet wielding folks in an earnest exhibition of skills that encompass the entire range of on-court abilities.

 (Perhaps I am a bit cheeky but being a bit of a fair weather player lately, I tar myself with the same brush.)

It is the second week of The Championships (“Wimbledon”) at the All England Lawn Tennis Club and it is has been wonderful to see many British players in the draws*. These players carry the hopes and dreams of many and provide inspiration to little Misses and Masters everywhere.

While the Olympics are every four years, Grand Slam tennis is a reliable and regular fixture in the sporting calendar and offered me a steadfast supply of sporting inspiration when I was a Miss.

My family is a tennis family. I played tennis every summer and when I was too young to compete, I either watched my parents play or hit-up against the practice wall with my sister. I even read tennis themed fiction.

So it was to be expected that within half an hour of the eagerly anticipated arrival of grandparents MaMa and Pa, out came the toddler tennis set. Although Master would rather eat the racquet than play, Miss has had poor MaMa running around the garden playing tennis ever since. On the upside, however, all this activity should help rid MaMa of her jet lag.

I have had some success on the court, but nothing like the greatness that I dreamed of as a Miss. Perhaps my calling is not playing tennis, but raising the next Dorothea Chambers and Fred Perry?

Tennis anyone?

Making a season-long commitment to a tennis club can be off-putting for some, but this need not stop you playing. Click this link to the Lawn Tennis Association for court locations near to you (all surfaces).

I encourage everyone to get out there and play tennis. Tennis was the source of many family fun times in my childhood and I aim to engage Miss and Master likewise, albeit from the ‘other’ side of the net, if you will.

*at the time of publishing only Andy Murray remains on the order of play

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