Why I started NorthHantsMum…

My little one was, and still is, a sleeper. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is great and I’d rather she was a sleeper than a non-sleeper. However, when I was on maternity leave I found being trapped at home for several hours a day very frustrating. I managed to get out and about a lot, but in the afternoons and evenings when my little one was sleeping, I needed something else to occupy my time.

I graduated from my MBA when I was six months pregnant and I had spent the previous 8 years studying for my MBA distance learning, in my “spare time”. Fifteen Hours a week, for 6 years (I took some time out in between each stage of the MBA) were dedicated to studying.

So when the initial shock of my little one’s arrival had passed, I found myself with huge chunks of free time. I wasn’t working or studying and we don’t have a TV at home so I really did have several hours in my day with not much to do apart from stare at my sleeping baby. (Which rocked for the first month! lol)

I’d been reading a lot of blogs for a while. I stumbled across the blogging world via Little Red Boat, still one of my favouritest blogs. So, I decided I might just try it. I did start a personal blog which chronicled the first few months of my little one’s life, but I found that NHM was where my heart lay.

Information was sporadic in the beginning

I also found, in those first few frantic months after my little one arrived, that I was given so much conflicting advice. It was also a huge struggle to find out any information about what was going on in the area. So, NHM is my attempt to pull it all together, for new parents and parents of young children in the area.

I often think that we, as parents, are under represented. There is so much information out there about our children, but very little directed at us as parents, other than to tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. There also doesn’t seem to be many ways for us to meet each other, as parents. Everything is directed at our children. The classes are for children, the playgroups are for children.

NHM is my attempt to help parents in the area and to share information with them that I’ve found useful. I hope you do find NHM useful! 😀

Next week I’m going to schedule a post about How I  write NHM. I hope you find it interesting, especially those of you who are thinking about starting a blog yourself.

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