Parents new to Basingstoke and North Hampshire

I’ve had several messages recently from Mum’s who have moved to the area and stumbled across NHM.

I have had some lovely feedback saying how helpful the NHM posts have been with finding out what is available in the area and keeping tabs on what is going on.

I thought I would do a summary post for parents who are new to the area, which brings together all of the previous posts and some of my suggestions. 

Hope they help!

Tips for raising children in a new area

1. Review the Day pages on NHM

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself! lol. These pages give you a summary of what’s going on each day for children aged 6 and under.

They are sorted by day, so you can click on the day and see an alphabetical list of classes that are available on that day.

2. Find a Mum network in the area

There are lots of  very good groups on Facebook which support Mum’s in the area. I’ve put together a page which has a list of all of the groups that you can join via NorthHantsMum.

3. Join the secret “Mum’s and Dad’s new to Basingstoke and North Hampshire” NHM group on Facebook

Contact me directly at to be added to this group.

The following posts may also be useful

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Do you have any other suggestions for parents who are new to the area?

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Ohh Mama charity concert

I’ve mentioned the Ohh Mama group before on NHM  in a post about 10 Things for Mum’s to Do in Basingstoke without their children.

Ohh Mama is a group of local Mum’s who get together and sing their hearts out!

They are doing a charity concert on the 5th of October, at Cliddesden Village Hall, in aid of Sebastian’s Action Trust who support the families of seriously ill children.

Have a look at the poster for more details. It’s for a great cause and you will have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw.


Mum Networks in Basingstoke and surrounding areas

Winter can be a lonely and depressing time for Mum’s, new and old. It’s a lot harder to get out and about, logistically and motivationally, when it’s cold, and raining or snowing outside. If you are feeling a bit disconnected and want to meet some new people, especially Mum’s, check out the page below which is on NHM. It lists all of the Mum Networks in the area that communicate via Facebook (that I know of!). Even though I think Facebook has lost some of it’s charm, it’s still a great way to connect with people.

Does anyone know if there are any Dad’s networks in the area? It must be so hard being a stay at home Dad as there doesn’t seem to be many networks in the area for them!

Also. I know that there are a few people who read NHM from outside of North Hampshire. Are there any networks in your area on Facebook that you can join?

On a slightly related note, it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and Saturday, so if it does, I hope it doesn’t disrupt you too much and your little one’s enjoy playing in the snow. Have fun! 😉

Mum Groups