NHM Readers Recommend: Dance Classes in Basingstoke

I recently had a question from a NHM Reader that I asked the NHM Community to help with: “I really need some help!! I’ve spent weeks trawling the internet trying to find a dance class for my 2.5 year old on a Thursday or Friday & I’m having no luck. She’s not one to sit down & make music that’s not what I’m looking for, she wants to be up dancing & I can’t find a dance class for her. I’m based in Basingstoke but happy to travel outside of the area if a dance class exists for her!!! Can you help?”

Many thanks for your replies, listed below in no particular order.

Please bear in mind that listings may change in subsequent years, but hopefully they will still be a good base point for your own research.

NHM Readers Recommend: Dance Classes in Basingstoke

Rachel said: There is a dance class on a Friday at Sherfield park not sure of age group

Gabriella said: Marina school of ballet do classes on a Friday in Whitchurch… tap, ballet and I think jazz… she does free taster sessions as well.

Sarah said: Does it have to those days? Dinky Dancers, mixture of activities, at Hatch Warren community centre is brill on weds and for ballet, tap etc m&m on Sat morning at Westside in South ham is great

Lottie said: Lottie Hayman I take my daughter to ballet at Lisa Beaumont School of Ballet on a Friday morning in cliddesden x

Katie suggested: Kids Kan Dance ?

Yvette suggested: https://www.kidskandance.co.uk/class-timetables

Wendy said: if you can’t find a dance class, freestyle gym at Basingstoke Gymnastics on a Fri should suit http://www.basingstokegym.co.uk/cla…/pre-school-freestyle/

Samantha said: We do kids kan dance on a Friday and really recommend it!

Rebecca said: Basingstoke academy of dance have a preschool class on a Thursday. It might be from 3 however.

Carina said: Lynden school of Dance – we go to one on a Thursday afternoon at the sports centre. Its called Little tiptoes. Mums dance with them! It’s a lovely introduction to dance!

Leah said: Kids kan dance with Katie Bennett is great! Look up kids kan dance on Facebook or website.

Natalie also said: Chloe goes to her classes 🙂

Leah replied to Natalie: ah lol ? is that where she goes?! I went to her classes with Leo for a short while & I thought it was great for kids ?

Lindsey said: Lynden School of Dance have little tiptoes on Friday morning at Sherfield Park

Charlene said: Aggy Gray School of Ballet Aggy is amazing and specialises in younger ballet.

Natalie said: Second vote for kids kan dance. My daughter went to Basingstoke Academy of dance when she was a toddler, but doing modern, tap and ballet with a teacher who wasn’t tuned into the little ones meant she didn’t like it at 2.5.

Victoria said: My daughter goes to kidskandance its really great! So relaxed and they learn so much! It can all be done at the childs pace we love dancing every Friday at 11:45-12:15 at lychpit village hall. Xx

Karen said: My daughter goes to Lisa Jane School of Dance, they have classes at various locations in Basingstoke. She’s been going since she was 3 and will be turning 11 this year, I can really recommend x

Joanne said: www.facebook.com/TheDanceDept Hi I run a fun ballet tots class on a Friday afternoon at Old Down Hall.

Becky said: I run a session called Movin Monkeez on a Friday morning…. have a look at my page….. Movin Monkeez HQ & the Basingstoke area x

Nita said: this is a fantastic class as the kids are always moving about – well worth a try ?

Kat said: We loved kids kan dance before my oldest daughter started school. I’m just waiting for my younger one to be old enough so we can go back

Katie said: Pop Tots would be perfect – Ali has been on maternity leave but she’s about to start back up so like her page to be kept updated. It’s exactly what you’re after!

Kelly-Lauren said: Jiggy Wrigglers Crookham, Fleet, Hook and Basingstoke The children that come are free to get up and dance and singing and play with all the props. There is definitely no sitting down!

Julia said: Kids Kan Dance is fab. My 3 yr old goes and loves it – super friendly as well x

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